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U.S. Schools Brace For An Influx Of Students From Puerto Rico

NPR – Ariana Figueroa

“Nearly a week after Hurricane Maria battered Puerto Rico, students who can’t return to school may need to continue their education on the mainland. Some of the largest school districts in Florida, plus major cities like New York City and Chicago, are preparing for the possibility of an influx of students from the island. In South Florida, Miami-Dade County public schools are already working to accommodate students who need to transfer from Puerto Rico.”(more)

A teacher’s tips on how to get kids excited about STEM

Buffalo News – Joseph Popiolkowski

“Emerging diseases, energy sustainability and severe weather are just some of the global issues today’s students will be asked to solve using the skills they learn in the classroom, according to one local teacher. Kenneth L. Huff, a middle school science teacher in the Williamsville Central School District, was one of 10 teachers nationwide chosen to help promote the science, technology, engineering and mathematics curriculum as a 2017 STEM Teacher Ambassador. The program aims to train the teachers in communication skills so they can provide input on policies for K-12 STEM education on the local, state and federal level.”(more)

Bullying on the Rise in NYC Middle and High Schools, NYDN Analysis of Student Surveys Shows

The 74 Million – Kate Stringer

“More students in New York City schools report that their peers are being bullied than last year, according to a New York Daily News analysis of student survey data from the city Department of Education. From 2016 to 2017, the Daily News found a 10 percentage point jump in bullying reports, with 81 percent of the city’s 400,000 students in grades 6–12 citing incidences of harassment this past year.”(more)

When Charter Schools Open, Neighboring Schools Get Better: A New Study Finds 7 Reasons Why

The 74 Million – Beth Hawkins

“Few education policy battles have burned as hot as debate over the practice of requiring traditional public schools to share under-used space with charter schools. Co-location, as the practice is called, is often cited as damaging to students in mainline district schools. But groundbreaking new research from Temple University assistant professor Sarah Cordes finds that at least in New York City, the arrival of a charter school has a positive effect on students in the traditional school already located in the building.”(more)

Seeking stronger pipelines, higher ed is getting more hands-on in K-12

Education Dive – Pat Donachie

“Some college leaders and administrators maintain that it is essential, for a variety of reasons, to establish and support partnerships with the neighborhoods surrounding a school, and partnering with local school districts is one substantial path to doing so. In a March panel discussion at SXSWedu, Rutgers University-Camden Associate Chancellor for Civic Engagement Nyeema Watson spoke about how the school had previously been known for having a poor or non-existent relationship with the surrounding community. Over time, and with her urging, it has taken on initiatives and programs that have helped establish a strong relationship with the city while making postsecondary learning a tangible option for local students.”(more)

What Schools Can Learn From a Science Museum That Makes Learning Irresistible for Kids

Ed Surge – Marisa Kaplan

“The fellowship inspired Tesoriero and Solarsh to start an elective STEM course for seventh graders at their school. The course—developed to build 21st century skills like problem solving and innovative thinking—has scaled to two to three classes per grade level. Over the years, the teachers have participated in curriculum development, design labs and field trips, which have influenced the course and their practice.”(more)