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Friday, October 31, 2014

5 Fears of Bilingual Parents – Halloween Edition

Chicago Now – Nick Jaworski

“Raising a bilingual or multilingual child isn’t easy. Like any parent, we’re worried if we’re making the right choice, if we’re going to succeed and truly help our child. Bilingual parent forums are filled with endless questions, doubts, and concerns. The experts and the research says it’s the right thing to do, but it’s still hard when you see your child on the playground trying to make friends and they can’t communicate, or dealing with the strange looks you can get from people when you’re outside.” (more)

Damaging maths mindset holding pupils back

The Telegraph – Josie Gurney-Read

” One of the biggest challenges in overcoming low-numeracy levels in the UK is addressing the fact that it is still socially acceptable to say ‘I’m no good at maths.'” (more)

Learning a language – 10 things you need to know

The Guardian – Holly Young

“Thinking about learning a foreign language? From ignoring your age to avoiding the F-word, our multilingual experts share their tips.” (more)

Teachers use storybooks to introduce kindergartners to math, reading, art and science

Oregon Live – Laura Frazier

“In the classroom, storybooks are a starting point and roadmap for instruction. After reading multiple versions of the Johnny Appleseed tale for a unit on apples, students estimated how many seeds they would find in an apple, made apple pies and visited a nursery. They worked on apple-themed art projects and made a graph based on their family’s favorite variety of the fruit.” (more)

Does class size matter? Research reveals surprises

The Seattle Times – John Higgins

“Few education reforms make as much sense on a gut level as giving teachers fewer students to teach.” (more)

Arne Duncan: ‘Education beyond high school is absolutely necessary’

Market Place – Kai Ryssdal

“When asked if he thought everyone should go to college, Duncan said he believed everyone needed additional education beyond high school: ‘If young people drop out of high school today, they are basically condemned to poverty and social failure. There are no good jobs out there… the economy has changed.'” (more)

3 Things You Should Know About Learning Disabilities

The Huffington Post – Karem Ensley

“Many people associate learning disabilities with low intelligence, laziness, lack of success, and not being able to learn. Sadly, the people who make these associations include the very children and adults that have been diagnosed with a learning disability. As a special education teacher, I know these stereotypes are not true.” (more)

Teachers Unions and the Common Core

Education Next – Alexander Russo

“The media and observers across the ideological spectrum were surprised and, in some cases, disconcerted in July 2014 when at the annual American Federation of Teachers (AFT) convention in Los Angeles, the union’s leadership team announced that its Innovation Fund grants of $20,000 to $30,000 were going to be made available to state and local affiliates to critique the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the massive multistate effort to improve student achievement.” (more)

Lavish praise from teachers ‘does not help pupils’

BBC – Sean Coughlan

“Teachers who give struggling pupils “lavish praise” could make them even less likely to succeed, research into classroom tactics has suggested.” (more)

U.S. education department gets tougher on for-profit colleges

Reuters – Staff Writer

“Oct 30 (Reuters) – The U.S. Department of Education will introduce stricter regulations next year in its latest attempt to improve the job prospects of those graduating from for-profit colleges and universities.” (more)