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Why North Koreans are developing an appetite for foreign languages

The Guardian – Kang Mi-jin

“Young North Koreans are demonstrating a growing appetite to learn foreign languages so as to improve their job prospects…“Many people believe that those who work in [foreign] trade have [even] better standards of living than provincial party cadres, so there’s more interest in language skills,” said a source in Ryanggang province. “If you’re good at a second language you can get into a good university and get a nice job, so the drive among parents to get their children into special foreign language classes is fierce.” As economic reforms lead to a growth in privately owned businesses, the demand for North Koreans who can communicate with the outside world has increased.”(more)

North Korea university reaches out to Concordia in Portland

The Oregonian – Richard Read

“This week, Kim visited Portland as president of Pyongyang University of Science and Technology and signed what is billed as the first pact of its kind between a U.S. and North Korean university. Under the agreement, the Pyongyang institution could one day exchange students with Concordia University in Portland. “(more)