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COPPA Best Practices: Advice for Schools on Staying on the Right Side of the Law

Ed Surge – Tina Nazerian

“It’s not just edtech companies and app developers who have to think about complying with COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, which was designed to protect the privacy of kids under 13 years of age. School districts and schools bear part of the responsibility as well—and navigating the federal law can be tricky.” (more)

Study: Why Some Children’s Apps Might Not Be as Safe as You Think

Ed Surge – Tina Nazerian

“To paraphrase The Bard, what’s in a certification? According to the authors of a study on the privacy protections in children’s apps, perhaps not much. A recent study, published in the journal Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, looked at whether 237 apps certified compliant with the child privacy law, COPPA, do a better job safeguarding privacy than a larger sample of non-certified apps. Overall, they found little difference between apps that were certified and those that weren’t—and in some cases suggested certified apps may present even bigger security lapses.” (more)

US students might be ‘savvy’ online readers, but overall progress is stagnant

Education Dive – Amelia Harper

“At the American Educational Research Association conference earlier this month, Peggy G. Carr, the associate commissioner for assessment at the National Center for Education Statistics, discussed U.S. students’ performance on a new digital literacy assessment that is part of the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS), Education Week reports.” (more)

Shaming your kids on social media can be psychologically harmful, parenting experts say

The Toronto Star – Sheryl Ubelacker

“It might be called the “shame game” — a parent embarrassing a child on social media as a way of disciplining them for bad behaviour with the hope they will learn their lesson and mend their ways. But parenting experts say such public humiliation isn’t an effective means of discipline for altering behaviour and can have long-lasting effects on a child’s self-esteem.” (more)

Why Keeping Students Safe Online is About Much More Than Web Filtering

Education World – Staff Writer

“When K-12 leaders think of protecting students online, the first thing that comes to mind is shielding them from hackers, predators, or inappropriate websites—and internet filtering systems can perform this function well. But there is much more to protecting students online than just monitoring or filtering their web access.” (more)

The top 5 cybersecurity threats for schools

E-School News – Earl D. Lang

“You’d be hard-pressed today to find a school that doesn’t consider safety a high priority. We go to great lengths to keep those inside school walls safe, running drills and spreading awareness in case of threat. There’s one kind of threat schools often overlook when it comes to safety, however, and that’s cyber attack. Cybersecurity isn’t a new concern by any means—it’s just one that’s taken many schools quite a long time to develop a safety plan. With recent ransomware attacks like WannaCry and Petya, the potential theft and leakage of data, particularly confidential information, should be on the minds of all school leaders.”(more)