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Survey: Parents, Students, Teachers Prefer Paper Over Digital

Education News – Kristin Decarr

“A report by The Paper and Packaging Board explores the use of paper by parents, students and educators across the United States, the importance of its use for learning, and the various ways that paper is used — and the results show that despite education going digital, paper isn’t obsolete just yet…The results show that 73% of college educators use paper on a daily basis, with 74% reporting that their students are more likely to pay attention if they take notes on paper rather than with a computer or tablet. Of the K-12 teachers who responded, 80% said their students understood information presented on paper more so than information provided digitally. And most parents, 76%, said they felt more comfortable helping their child complete homework assignments when they were given in paper format either as a handout, in a textbook, or as a paper craft rather than on a computer. According to the report authors, paper is an important part of the learning process.”(more)