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How To Talk To Your Kids About Addiction

The Huffington Post – Caroline Bologna

“In 2016, a federal report found that nearly 21 million Americans over the age of 12 struggle with substance addictions. In recent months, stories of celebrity overdoses and the opioid epidemic have inundated the news. And in the United States, an estimated 8.7 million children under the age of 18 live with at least one parent with a substance use disorder.” (more)

How To Talk To Your Kids About Natural Disasters

The Huffington Post – Caroline Bologna

“From hurricanes and tornadoes to earthquakes, mudslides and even extreme blizzards and flooding, families around the world have faced the trauma of natural disasters. As Hurricane Florence batters the Carolinas, parents living in and outside the storm’s path are facing questions about it from their children. HuffPost spoke to experts in child and adolescent psychiatry about the best ways to talk to kids about natural disasters.” (more)

One Mom’s Fear: Is My Child Already Behind on Day One of School? Probably Not, but It’s the First Thing to Talk About With His Teacher on Back-to-School Night

The 74 Million – Kai-Leé Berke

“Children move through progressions of development and learning in their early years, and our widely held expectations for each age or class level help us to support and challenge them as they grow and learn. But an understanding of these progressions, and the different rates at which children move through them, helps keep our expectations appropriate, realistic, and healthy.” (more)

Back and Forth Talk with Adults Improves Language Development Regardless of SES

Language Magazine – Staff Writer

“Young children who are regularly engaged in conversation by adults may have stronger connections between two developing brain regions critical for language, according to a study of healthy young children. This finding, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, was independent of parental income and education, suggesting that talking with children from an early age could promote their language skills regardless of their socioeconomic status.” (more)

Navigating Confrontations With Parents

Edutopia – Lori Desautels

“Human brains are social organs—they’re neurobiologically wired for connection. But just as our students’ brains can be adversely affected by negative dispositions, adversities, and behaviors, so can their parents’ brains, affecting relationships with teachers. What feels oppositional and hurtful from a parent could be an exhausted brain, one that is trying to survive and so is defending itself and paying close attention to experiences or relationships that may feel threatening or unsafe.” (more)

Nine Things To Know About Saving For Education

Forbes – Roxana Maddahi

“The cost of college increases by approximately 8% per year on average, making the financial burden terrifying. The average cost of a four-year private university today is $34,740. Based on those numbers, tuition at a private university could cost kids born today well over $100,000 a year.” (more)