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Early math knowledge related to later achievement

Vanderbilt University – Joan Brasher

“A new longitudinal study conducted by Vanderbilt has found that children’s math knowledge in preschool is related to their later achievement—but not all types of math knowledge were related equally. The findings suggest that educators and school administrators should consider which areas of math study they shift attention to as they develop curricula for the early years.”(more)

Why America should care about its students’ lackluster performance on the global PISA tests

The Hechinger Report – Robert Rothman

“Once again, results from an international test show that U.S. students perform relatively poorly, and once again, critics say the results don’t matter and should be ignored. This would be a mistake. The results do matter, and American educators will lose out if they dismiss the findings so easily. By taking the results seriously, educators can examine the practices and policies of countries that do well on the test and see what they can do to improve practice in this country.”(more)

How to Usher in a Wave of Entrepreneurship in Education

The Observer – Richard Hecker

“Our education system defines our future—it inspires us, teaches us, rears us, and has historically been the vehicle for upward mobility. It afforded the hope that with knowledge and hard work, a child from a family of limited means could climb into the middle, upper-middle, or upper economic class. But in recent years, education has failed us. Graduates are not getting jobs that match their education, thanks to a failure of our system to adequately inform students what jobs are available and provide the needed training. We have millions of job openings—mainly in high-tech fields such as computer science, math, and data science—which remain unfilled. According to a study by Inside Higher Ed, 49 percent of students feel they are underemployed.”(more)

Hidden calories on the KIDS menu: Study warns child-friendly restaurant options are packed full of excessive fat and sugar

The Daily Mail – Mia De Graaf

“The majority of kids’ menus have far more calories than they should, a new study warns. A child-friendly burger should never exceed 300 calories, while fries should be under 100 calories, and sides or salads under 150 calories. The whole meal should be comfortably within 600 calories. However, a new study by the RAND Corporation has found the average kids burger is 465 calories. Overall, a la carte items averaged 147 percent more calories than recommended by the expert panel. The damning news was published hours before a CDC report revealed we are struggling to control child obesity in the United States.”(more)

Real Parents, Real Talk About Kids And Screens

NPR – Elissa Nadworny and Anya Kamenetz

“We live in a world of screens. And in this digital age — with so many devices and distraction — it’s one of the things parents worry about most: How much time should their kids spend staring at their phones and computers? What’s the right balance between privacy and self-discovery? Research continues to provide some answers on how parents are navigating this world. Just today, for example, there’s a new study out that looks at nearly 2,000 parents — who have kids ages 8 to 18. Among the most surprising findings: People with children spend, on average, 9 hours and 22 minutes per day in front of a screen: texting, tweeting, Googling, checking the weather.”(more)

Now possible: a family night of coding in every elementary school

Ed Source – John Fensterwald

“When they check their email today, every elementary school in California will find a tool to bring families together for a fun introduction to computer coding. Through a corporate grant, more than 6,000 principals in the state will receive a free digital kit today from MV GATE, a small Mill Valley nonprofit, enabling them to easily organize and stage “Family Code Night.” The program uses coding puzzles developed by, a national evangelist for computer education in schools.”(more)