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Which Apps Are Safe for Kids? Three Tools That Read the Fine Print for You

Ed Surge – Emily Tate

“A recent New York Times investigation found that many companies receive such precise, extensive data on their users that they—and anyone else they share this information with—could easily identify a single individual and pinpoint their location. That user data is often sold to or shared with other companies, such as advertisers who have a vested interest in behavioral data, and it’s not as anonymous as people think. This is how many free apps monetize.” (more)

How To Make Sure Your Math Anxiety Doesn’t Make Your Kids Hate Math

NPR – Sara Ernst

“A spike in blood pressure. A racing heart rate. Sweaty palms. For many adults, this is what they feel when faced with difficult math. But for kids, math anxiety isn’t just a feeling, it can affect their ability to do well in school. This fear tends to creep up on students when performance matters the most, like during exams or while speaking in class. One reason for a kid’s math anxiety? How their parents feel about the subject.” (more)

8 Best Gifts to Give for an Investment Education

The U.S. News and World Report – Coryanne Hicks

“‘Tis the season for mass consumerism disguised as gift giving. While everyone else is spreading materialistic cheer, why not give a gift that has a deeper and more lasting impact through an investing education? You wouldn’t only be benefiting the recipient of your gift; improved financial literacy can have a ripple effect throughout society. The more people who are educated and aware of their own personal financial success, the better off we’ll all be in the long term, says Chuck Cumello, president and chief executive officer at Essex Financial. To make the world a better place, here are eight financial gifts that give the gift of an investment education.” (more)

What California can learn from universal preschool in other states

Ed Source – Zaidee Stavely

“As momentum builds in California to expand early childhood education programs, the state has the opportunity to look outside its borders and learn from other states and cities that have moved in the direction of offering universal preschool.” (more)

Communicating with your child can reduce math anxiety

E-School News – Barbara Patton

“Math anxiety is one of the most difficult things to cure. However, we can try. When children are comfortable using math skills, their anxiety level will go down, which in turn will help the child to be a better mathematician. Talking with your child truly has no price tag, and that can help with the cure. Try talking to your child while you are doing tasks such as shopping, traveling, preparing special meals or even wrapping gifts. The ability to communicate is a necessity if one is to be a successful learner with skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. These skills can even help develop stronger math skills. You may be asking yourself: How?” (more)