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Emerson Electric, Hank Green Join for I Love STEM Campaign

Education News – Jace Harr

“Global manufacturing company Emerson Electric is partnering up with popular YouTube star Hank Green in an initiative called I Love STEM, which aims to encourage more young people to choose STEM-related careers…Kate Maddox of Advertising Age quoted Emerson Chief Marketing Officer Kathy Button Bell, who said: [STEM] is where the money is, it’s where the future is, and it’s one of the most interesting careers, with robotics and other new technologies. By nature, people tend to like science when they start out, so why do people quit? By shedding light on this, we can start to help solve the problem.”(more)

Celebrities And Business Leaders Unleash Philanthropic Flashmob, #BestSchoolDay, Funding Classroom Requests On In Communities Spanning 47 States

PR Newswire – Press Release

“Today, more than fifty athletes, actors, founders, and philanthropists announced a surprise “flash funding” of classroom projects posted on in communities across America. Collectively, these individuals committed over $14 million to fund nearly 12,000 projects, including books, art supplies, science equipment, field trips, and more. They are now challenging the public to join them by donating to classroom projects on, making it a #BestSchoolDay for public school teachers and students nationwide. “We all remember special days at school, whether it was going on a field trip, doing a science experiment, or performing in a school play,” said Charles Best, founder and CEO of “Teachers have a hard time providing these experiences when they have to go into their own pockets to buy school supplies. We’re so grateful to the people who have kicked off this philanthropic flashmob, and we hope that everyone–no matter the size of their wallet–will join this act of mass generosity by supporting a classroom project and committing to make every day a #BestSchoolDay.””(more)

Walton Foundation Puts Up $1 Billion To Boost Charters

Associated Press – KELLY P. KISSEL

“A foundation run by the heirs of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton said Thursday it will spend $1 billion over the next five years to improve public education by backing new charter schools and helping programs already up and running. The foundation has spent more than $1 billion on K-12 education over the past 20 years, including $385 million to help start charter schools in poor communities. The new money will be spent in places where the foundation already has ties “(more)

Bolder Giving for Stronger Education Impact

Forbes – Sébastien Turbot

“Global business moguls from Ted Turner to Mark Zuckerberg have transformed our daily lives with their brainpower and acumen. But they refuse to confine their entrepreneurial energy to their businesses. Eager to make a lasting impact on people’s lives, they are combining their innovative thinking and the wealth it yields to combat global challenges…New models of philanthropy are gaining momentum in the global education sector. In addition to boosting innovation in teaching and learning, smart giving models are also addressing a major issue that has plagued the world of philanthropy: transparency, measuring impact and accountability.”(more)

Pay for Success Catching on as Early Childhood Education Funding Option

Homeroom – Libby Doggett

“A new poll shows that early childhood education is a national priority for Americans, regardless of party. Now more than ever, voters see quality early learning as a necessity for today’s families. But the question raised is how to pay for these programs. The Administration is working in multiple ways to find funding for early learning. Pay for Success (PFS) is an innovative financing model that states and communities are studying, and beginning to use, to fund early learning and other programs. PFS leverages philanthropic and other private dollars to fund services for a target population that measurably improve the outcomes for the individuals and communities.”(more)

Bill Gates To Help Launch Philanthropic Education Program In China

Forbes – Russell Flannery

“Bill Gates, the Microsoft billionaire whose cash donations have made a mark around the world, will help start a new program at Beijing Normal University focused on philanthropic education, the Chinese government-published China Daily newspaper reported today.” (more)