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A Mantra for K-12 Philanthropy: First, Do No Harm

Education Week – Frederick M. Hess

“Around the country, cities already spend a lot of money per pupil—more than private schools, in many instances—with not much to show for it…More money can actually make it tougher to change stagnating school systems…For new dollars to help, they need to put troubled systems on a different trajectory entirely.” (more)

Creative Ways for Students to Help Others During the Holiday Season

Education World – Greta Brewster

“The holiday season offers an optimal time to teach young people about the value of helping others… activities focused on philanthropy can broaden students’ understanding of the culture they live in and make students aware of the challenges people around the world face…Below are a number of creative ways for students to help others, both in the classroom and at home.”(more)

Why Philanthropy Should Steam Ahead and Support the Creative Economy

Huffington Post – Claudia Jacobs

“If we are to actively enrich our communities, arts should not be a stepchild of science, technology, engineering or math (STEM)…Yes, there are major reasons why the U.S. needs to be focused on producing adults with skills in these areas, but why not include the arts and go from STEM to STEAM?”(more)

CLASS NOTES – Ways to Wane the Winter Days

The Santa Clara Weekly – Margaret Lavin

“…if you’re worried about the downtime between family gatherings and wondering how to keep the kids out of trouble, here are a few educational and philanthropic pursuits.”(more)