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Uyboco: What is Math but solving problems? (Part 1)

The Sun Star – Andy Uyboco

“The problem, I believe is that math education has been too much focused on making students learn the how and not enough of the why. There is too much focus on skills and not enough on the purpose. A question most students ask about math is “What’s the use of this in real life?” and it’s a question math teachers brush aside or answer with some vague and useless reply like, “Oh it’s very useful. You’ll understand when you get to college.” That is sad and unfortunate. Math teachers should pay more attention to that question. It should not be taken lightly. Answering that question satisfactorily can turn a disinterested student into an eager lifelong learner.”(more)

Learning many languages does your brain good

The Inquirer – Grace Shangkuan Koo

“I REMEMBER my first day in Kindergarten when we learned Mandarin. The first lessons went: rensilang; shousichiu; tian sitsan … We were learning the first three vocabulary words: ren (man), shou (hand), tian (rice field). Each character was first spoken in Mandarin followed immediately by Hokkien, which was familiar to us at home. Even today I can still recite these words and continue on until the 20th word. I could even hear the sound of us children reciting together in tempo. And that was our book in Kindergarten I—the first time we were in school at age 5.”(more)

Inactive children ‘become middle-aged couch potatoes’

BBC – Judith Burns

“Children who lead inactive lives are likely to grow up to become middle-aged couch potatoes, a study suggests. Researchers compared the TV viewing habits of more than 6,000 British people born in a single week in 1970, at the ages of 10 and 42. Parents should increase children’s physical activity to ensure they become fit and healthy adults, the University College London authors conclude. “Do something active to displace TV,” advised co-author Lee Smith. “In the evening time when families tend to sit down and watch TV they should try to go for walks instead. “If you can’t go outside, try active computer games, anything that gets people up and expending energy rather than sitting down and snacking,” said Dr Smith, of the UCL epidemiology and public health department.”(more)

For a healthy brain, learn a new language

The Manilla Standard Today – Ed Biado

“And if you think that being bilingual or multilingual is only useful in communication, you should know that it also keeps your brain healthy, and helps in the maintenance of your intelligence.” (more)

‘Preschool, here I come!’

Manilla Bulletin Publishing Corporation – Regina G. Posadas

“After spending their first three or four years at home, how do we know for certain that our children are all set for nursery or kindergarten? Can you tell if your son or daughter is already primed for preschool?”(more)

Teachers train in a foreign language

MB Publishing Corporation – Ina Hernando Malipot

“A selection of high school teachers from various schools nationwide have been given a chance to learn a foreign language other than English under the Department of Education’s (DepEd) summer training program. Under the program, separate groups of teachers are being trained in Spanish, Japanese, French, German, and Chinese.”(more)