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10 ways we made our school happier

E-School News – Tracey Smith

“After the recession hit in 2013, it was evident that something was off at Mashburn Elementary School (part of Forsyth County Schools in Georgia). I watched teachers being laid off, and it was draining to witness. We had bigger class numbers than ever before, and our school culture and employee morale were at an all-time low. For us to pull our way out of this difficult time, we first had to take a closer look at building strong relationships between staff and students. We started by asking what it means to be happy in the classroom.” (more)

Study: At least half of principals say they are ‘extremely concerned’ about students’ use of social media

Education Dive – Roger Riddell

“Over 50% of principals are “extremely concerned” about students’ social media use, only 14% feel “very prepared” to assist students in using these platforms responsibly, and 38% are unclear on where to find resources and best practices for helping students do so, according to data gathered by the Education Week Research Center in a national survey of school leaders.” (more)

Visibility of the Principal: Improving School Climate

Education World – Les Potter

“The principal as the school leader should be visible: before, during and after school. Attend after school sporting events, concerts, plays, etc. It is easy to see an assistant principal, but everyone wants to see you. As the school leader– students, staff and parents feel better when the principal is seen in the schools and at different functions. Principals are the key to school climate (J. Hanna). As safety becomes even more of an issue in schools, visibility of the principal becomes even more necessary. It is easy to get tethered to the computer and phone in the office, it is still essential for the principal to be present and visible to all school community members.” (more)

Heeding the voice of school experience

District Administration – Elyse Doti Cohen and Matthew Pearson

“Principal retention is a national issue. According to The School Leaders Network, “25,000 principals (one-quarter of all principals) leave their schools each year, leaving millions of children’s lives adversely affected. Fifty percent of new principals quit during their third year in the role.” In New York City, the nation’s largest school system, addressing principal turnover across more than 1,800 schools is critical to student achievement. In 2014, the New York City Department of Education’s Office of Leadership created the New Principal Support (NPS) program to reduce turnover and help experienced principals grow.” (more)

Principals Believe in the Power of Technology, but Schools Face Challenges Ahead

Ed Tech Magazine – Meghan Bogardus Cortez

“Now, more than ever, school leaders believe in the power of technology to transform learning. A whopping 90 percent of principals surveyed in a recent MDR EdNET Insight report say they believe that technology is integral to student learning. In terms of learning transformation, the principals indicate that STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), personalized learning and project-based learning were their highest instructional priorities. Improving student outcomes, instruction and parental engagement were the biggest challenges.” (more)

This major city knows the secret to improving student performance

E-School News – Laura Ascione

“A focus on high-quality principals in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) could serve as a best-practice model for districts across the nation, according to data indicating improved student performance and principal retention. Over the past four years, as the number of strong principals in Chicago’s public schools has increased, so have student outcomes. District leaders have identified increases in both reading and math scores for elementary school students and have seen significant improvements in freshman on-track and graduation rates at the high school level.” (more)