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5 ways to provide meaningful PD in an hour or less

E-School News – Rich Czyz

“During the past few years, there has been a major shift in instruction for students. We have figured out how to effectively reach them through engaging activities, allowing for student voice and choice. We have also seen a number of educators who are pushing this same shift in professional development. I believe that it is absolutely necessary to engage teachers in professional learning that is relevant to their daily teaching while being able to provide numerous on-demand opportunities for professional learning. In order to meet the ISTE Standards for Teachers, teachers are asked to engage in professional growth and leadership opportunities. Furthermore, the high standards set by the ISTE Standards for both students and teachers demand that teachers be engaged, curious, and dynamic professionals. Teachers need and want new and valid approaches to PD.”(more)

US Math Achievement: How Bad Is It?

Psychology Today – Nate Kornell, Ph.D.

“Children from the United States do not score well on international math tests. The gap grows as students get older, suggesting that our educational system is the problem. But how little math do US students know?”(more)