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Meeting Teachers’ Needs to Help Dyslexic Students Succeed

Language Magazine – Shantell Thaxton Berrett

“The beginning of a new year always brings new education policies and strategies. U.S. educators currently find themselves in a rapidly changing time for dyslexia legislation, and many schools are in the process of transforming the type and level of support they offer to these students. In 2015, the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services created a policy identifying dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia as specific language disabilities.” (more)

Effective PD Within the School Day

Edutopia – Peg Grafwallner

“Professional development (PD) is a mainstay in all schools. Some is offered by colleagues sharing best practices, some by district personnel or outside vendors. Having PD sessions during the school day is tricky. If PD is given at the beginning of the day, it’s typically prior to classes starting. Teachers are usually eyeing the clock, eager to get to their classrooms and prepare for the morning. If it’s given at the end of the day, teachers are again eyeing the clock, exhausted and ready to shift to their evening routine. So what can the teacher leader do to support their colleagues’ early morning or after-school PD learning?.” (more)

Report: Coaching is a promising PD strategy for early educators

Education Dive – Linda Jacobson

“While professional development (PD) options have expanded for K-12 educators in recent years to include more individualized approaches, those working with young children are still largely experiencing “lecture-style” trainings, the report says. Coaching, however, is a promising approach for early educators for several reasons, the authors write: “It lasts for a longer period of time, it is grounded in educators’ day-to-day work, it focuses on skills and knowledge educators can put into practice, and it gives educators opportunities to pursue personalized improvement goals.”(more)

Bringing Students Into Professional Development

Edutopia – Michelle Blanchet

“Professional development is evolving. Slowly but surely, schools and organizations are attempting to move away from the typical sit-and-get workshop and creating formats that promote problem solving and boost participant engagement. This has led to a rise in PD that makes educators the drivers of innovation.”(more)

4 terrific teacher communities for summer PD

E-School News – Emily M.

“Thinking about ways to avoid the “summer slide” over the next few months? Keeping up on skills over the summer isn’t just for students. The summer break is a great time for teachers to take advantage of those professional development opportunities that are hard to fit in during the school year. Teacher communities are a nice blend of social interaction and knowledge-sharing among peers. We put together a list of our favorite online PLNs for you to check out over the break.”(more)