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Meeting Confucius in modern times

China Daily- Andrew Moody

“The intriguing aspect of this is to what extent those ideas still continue to spread and penetrate Chinese society.
Many Chinese (even more than Westerners) make fun of some of his more banal sayings while at the same time continue to conform, perhaps unconsciously, to his ideas of family responsibility, order and hierarchy.
Certainly, much continues to be written about how much Confucian thinking informs the business community in China.
Confucius, himself, does not seem to have had much time for commerce, once saying: “The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.””(more)

The Crisis in Higher Education

Huffington Post – Ethan Miller

“On one side, student tuition is being raised as much as 5 percent a year, restricting access to higher education to only the most privileged students. On the other side, professors are being paid poverty wages, severely impacting the quality of the education they are able to provide…Without taking serious steps to resolve these problems, the crisis in higher education is going to continue to grow.”(more)

Looking Ahead to STEM Solutions 2012

U.S. News – Bob Morse

“This very important event will focus on the critical shortage of STEM skills in the American workforce and how to stimulate students toward careers in these same disciplines. It’s expected that hundreds will attend, including many experts from all levels of government, industry, and associations, as well as educators, top policy makers, and members of the media.” (more)

CEOs Teach in M.B.A. Classrooms

U.S. News & World Report – Brian Burnsed

“Most CEOs spend the latter years of their professional lives giving presentations in high-pressure board rooms for select groups of middle-aged power brokers, not in lecture halls filled with green but eager M.B.A. students. However, a few opt to trade in their corner office for office hours and venture into the world of higher education.” (more)

Postdocs Can Be Trained to Be More Effective Than Senior Instructors, Study Finds

The Chronicle of Higher Education – Tushar Rae

“Constructivism stresses the interaction of students with the information they are learning and their day-to-day lives. The teachers incorporated that approach by adding ‘a series of challenging questions and tasks that require the students to practice physicist-like reasoning and problem solving during class time while provided with frequent feedback.'”(more)