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Study Finds Gains From Teacher Evaluations

The New York Times – David Leonhardt

“The education research of recent years has pointed overwhelmingly to the importance of teachers…A new study, released on Thursday, offers powerful if still tentative evidence that teacher-evaluation programs can play an important role.”(more)

Taking a crack at California’s education system

The Los Angeles Times – Michael J. Mishak and Howard Blume

“Michelle Rhee came to prominence as the tough-minded chancellor of Washington, D.C., schools. Now she’s in Sacramento, taking on this state’s system — and its teachers unions.”(more)

State Policy Report Card 2013

Student First – Staff Writer

“StudentsFirst created the State Policy Report Card to evaluate the education laws and policies in place in each state.”(more)

A weekend interview with Michelle Rhee about parent trigger

Tampa Bay Times – Staff Writer

“One of the key parent trigger advocates has been former DC schools chancellor Michelle Rhee, who’s served as an informal adviser to Florida Gov. Rick Scott and many other state governors. In an interview with the Gradebook conducted as the debate still raged on, Rhee contended that if parents are a key to student success, they must be given a more real role to play in their children’s schools.”(more)

Great Teachers Inspire Big Feelings in Few Words

The Huffington Post – Michelle Rhee

“It was with this story in mind that StudentsFirst launched a “Six Word Essay Contest” on what it means to be a great teacher. We wanted to celebrate the incredibly important work that teachers do day in and day out — efforts that we know impact both the lives of individual students and the future of our country, preparing our youth today to be the leaders and citizens of tomorrow.”(more)