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Exam disaster for Google generation

Presseurop – Staff Writer

“The Romanian daily reports that half the students who sat the state exam at the end of their secondary education have failed it — some 100,000 pupils. “Who is to blame?” asks the paper, going on to nominate in equal part the education ministry, teachers and the pupils themselves.”(more)

Romanian school system flunks test after cheating

Yahoo News – Mihaela Rodina

Only 45 percent of pupils managed to get the A-level diploma required for university admission — down from 69.3 percent last year and 81.4 percent in 2009, the education ministry said. Described as a “disaster” by the media, the figures revealed that 20 schools could not boast a single 12th-grader among the 90,765 who passed the exam out of some 200,000 who took it nationally.”(more)

Just 42 percent of Roma children finish school in Europe

Deutsche Well World – Joanna Impey

“Of the 10 to 12 million Roma living in the European Union, just 42 percent finish their education. That compares with an average of 97 percent for all children. Reding said if Roma children had more access to education, they would have a better chance on the job market.”(more)