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Building an Education Marketplace

The U.S. News and World Report – Nat Malkus

“With school choice supporters helming both the White House and the U.S. Department of Education, media attention to school choice has focused on potential changes at the federal level. It’s true that change could come from Washington: Trump could make good on his promise of $20 billion for school choice, or after hearing arguments last week in Trinity Lutheran Church v. Pauley, the Supreme Court could pave the way for more choice programs by ruling that Blaine Amendments, which prohibit state funds from going to religious schools in 37 state constitutions, are unconstitutional. However, the real action to date on school choice has been at the state level, as evidenced with this month’s dramatic expansion of education savings accounts, or ESA, in Arizona.”(more)

Majority of UK, US Millennial Parents Saving for Kids’ Education

Education News – Grace Smith

Almost two-thirds of UK parents surveyed by the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) put money in an account for their children, and around half of the parents who were saving for their kids started the nest egg when their first babies were born, reports The Scotsman…In the US, 74% of parents from 30 to 34 have started putting money aside for college. A new poll found that Millennial parents are significantly more likely than the generation before them to save for their children’s higher education, and a larger number want to be able to pay everything for their children’s college education. Parents may not be able to to do this, however, based on the comparatively small amounts most have been able to stow away so far…”(more)

It Just Got Easier to Cut College Costs with a 529 Savings Plan

Time – Dan Kadlec

“…Congress recently added computers to the list of expenses that can be paid for with tax-sheltered money from a 529 college savings plan. Up till now, college students had to prove that owning a computer or tablet was required by the school in order to justify the expense for 529 purposes…These changes are intended to help 529 plans remain relevant as the college experience evolves.”(more)

Back to School Savings

The Huffington Post – Money Tips

“Whether you are sending your kids off to kindergarten or to college, back-to-school time means a serious dent in your wallet. With some planning, however, you can limit the size of that dent. Here are some helpful hints:”(more)

Survey: Few Americans Familiar with 529 Plans

Education News – Grace Smith

“The annual 529 Plan Awareness Survey from financial services firm Edward Jones has found that 66% of Americans don’t know much about 529 plans and how they apply to saving for college costs. Now in its fourth year of monitoring college savings awareness, the Edward Jones questionnaire showed that only 34% of Americans could identify a 529 plan as a college savings tool from among four potential options, which is up from 30% in 2014…The report says that paying for college is increasingly difficult and that families need to know what their options are…”(more)

How to Go Back-to-School Shopping Without Breaking the Bank

The Huffington Post – Dustin Jacobs

“Back to school typically means back to spending for most families. Who remembers being a kid and being so excited to go shopping for brand new clothes, shoes, and supplies? Well now that I’m looking back on it I can only imagine what financial stress I put on my parents…These tips will help you save money when you go back to school shopping this year.”(more)