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Simple Steps Can Pave the Way for Modern Learning

Ed Tech Magazine – Staff Writer

“School districts obviously have the greatest freedom to transform classroom spaces when new school buildings are being designed and built. During new construction projects or major renovations, districts aren’t limited by existing classroom footprints or load-bearing walls, but only by their imaginations (and their budgets). In recent years, districts have frequently used new school construction as an opportunity to improve the energy performance of their buildings, pursue green building certifications such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), upgrade networking and back-end IT infrastructure, and improve factors such as daylight, airflow and acoustics.” (more)

Heeding the voice of school experience

District Administration – Elyse Doti Cohen and Matthew Pearson

“Principal retention is a national issue. According to The School Leaders Network, “25,000 principals (one-quarter of all principals) leave their schools each year, leaving millions of children’s lives adversely affected. Fifty percent of new principals quit during their third year in the role.” In New York City, the nation’s largest school system, addressing principal turnover across more than 1,800 schools is critical to student achievement. In 2014, the New York City Department of Education’s Office of Leadership created the New Principal Support (NPS) program to reduce turnover and help experienced principals grow.” (more)

Taking on teacher attrition

E-School News – Hilary Scharton

“We once believed that teacher effectiveness dramatically increased for the first three to five years on the job and then plateaued. But recent research suggests that substantial growth in effectiveness can be seen for the first 12 years on the job, and likely longer. This suggests that teacher quality develops over time and that experience can influence effectiveness. We also know that students who have highly effective teachers for three years in a row can score 50 percentile points higher on achievement tests than students who have less effective teachers three years in a row.” (more)

Quick Tips for Effective Teacher Recruitment

Education World – Les Potter

“I have been a school administrator since 1977. In the last few years it has been getting more difficult to hire good teachers. In the United States there is a teacher shortage and reports state that colleges of education are down about 1/3 in students for teacher training. Many states are going to alternative certification to find the number and quality of teachers they need in their school districts.” (more)

Students can’t learn if they don’t show up at school

The Hechinger Report – Tara García Mathewson

“Danielle Burnett, a truancy prevention social worker in Albuquerque Public Schools, spends her days figuring out why students miss school. Her job is to identify the underlying reasons and help families change course. Some students don’t show up because their parents can’t afford school uniforms. Burnett can get these students vouchers for free pants and tops. Many parents keep their children home for minor colds or stomachaches. Burnett encourages them to send kids to class unless they have a fever or are throwing up, and she reminds them that the school nurse can help with health decisions.” (more)

Is There Any Way For Schools To Prevent Shootings?

NPR – Anya Kamenetz

“Could anyone have stopped this? That’s one of the biggest questions for schools and educators as the nation takes in the facts of the shooting in Parkland, Fla., that has left 17 dead and 23 injured. While the U.S. remains a global outlier by far when it comes to mass shootings, and owns 42 percent of the world’s guns, the fact is that most schools in the country have taken steps to prepare for this kind of threat. Since the Columbine massacre in 1999, schools have changed the way they respond to both potential threats and actual attacks.” (more)