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It’s time to develop an anti-cyberbullying policy; here’s how

E-School News – Kaitlin Beckmann

“As technology continues to permeate our lives inside and outside the classroom, educators, administrators, and students should work together to prevent the development of a cyberbullying culture. Research indicates that cyberbullying is detrimental to students and, in some cases, has been proven to be the cause of self-harm and suicide. Educators and parents need to find ways to actively engage our students and make sure they feel safe in their school community.” (more)

ESSA requirement for in-depth K12 spending reports looms

District Administration – Alison DeNisco

“In light of a looming ESSA mandate to increase transparency around education spending, district leaders have been struggling to calculate per-pupil spending by school in accordance with state and federal requirements. Facing a December 2019 deadline, there is confusion about whether states will expect school districts to include the costs of transportation, technology, special education and pre-K. Calculating cost per school will also reveal whether more experienced, higher-paid teachers are clustered in certain buildings.” (more)

Policymakers, educators look for reasons behind NAEP results

Education Dive – Linda Jacobson

“Education leaders who saw increases in their state’s scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) gathered in Washington, DC, Tuesday to discuss what they’ve done to increase performance, while other experts and advocates responded to national results showing stagnant scores in reading and math at 4th and 8th grade.” (more)

Pediatricians Call For Universal Depression Screening For Teens

KQED news Mind/Shift – Allison Aubrey

“Only about 50 percent of adolescents with depression get diagnosed before reaching adulthood. And as many as 2 in 3 depressed teens don’t get the care that could help them. “It’s a huge problem,” says Dr. Rachel Zuckerbrot, a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist and associate professor at Columbia University. To address this divide, the American Academy of Pediatrics has issued updated guidelines this week that call for universal screening for depression.” (more)

Is There Any Way For Schools To Prevent Shootings?

NPR – Anya Kamenetz

“Could anyone have stopped this? That’s one of the biggest questions for schools and educators as the nation takes in the facts of the shooting in Parkland, Fla., that has left 17 dead and 23 injured. While the U.S. remains a global outlier by far when it comes to mass shootings, and owns 42 percent of the world’s guns, the fact is that most schools in the country have taken steps to prepare for this kind of threat. Since the Columbine massacre in 1999, schools have changed the way they respond to both potential threats and actual attacks.” (more)