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How video cameras help improve classroom learning and campus safety

E-School News – Bob Nilsson

“The topic of video cameras in the classroom has been brewing for years. Schools that have deployed cameras in public areas have experienced dramatic safety benefits. For example, Fraser Public Schools in Michigan found that the incidents of fighting dropped to near zero. Police officers have found body cams provide an important defense against false accusations.”(more)

Exclusive: How Safe Is My Child at School? New Interactive Maps Allow NYC & LA Parents to Compare Classrooms

The 74 Million – Max Eden

“What do parents actually know about what happens at their children’s school? As states rethink school accountability under the Every Student Succeeds Act, most of the policy discussion revolves around how bureaucrats should calculate ratings that parents rarely see, based on standardized test scores that parents barely credit. The real inner workings of schools, from teacher morale to academic culture to student safety, remain largely a black box for parents. Few schools rate these important factors, and fewer still report them.”(more)

San Bernardino shooting puts spotlight on school safety

Ed Source – Carolyn Jones and Theresa Harrington

“In the wake of Monday’s fatal shooting at a San Bernardino elementary school, schools and security experts across California revisited campus safety protocols intended to keep students safe from gun violence. “As we mourn and remember the victims of today’s school shooting tragedy, we will continue to instill safety and vigilance in making our campuses as safe as possible,” Steven Zipperman, chief of the Los Angeles Unified School Police, said Monday.”(more)

Urge children to be safe while walking

USA Today – Liz Kracht

“With school back in session, it’s a great time to encourage our children to be healthy and active by walking to school when possible. There are, however, important safety tips we need to remember. Pedestrian safety is a major concern in the United States. It has been reported that 61 children are hit by vehicles every day in the U.S. In addition, teen and young adult (ages 15-29) pedestrians are more likely to be involved in crash-related injuries than any other age group. Why? There have been studies that have shown this is related to distraction: headphones, texting and use of other handheld electronics while walking. We need to remind our kids to stop texting, put down their devices and take headphones off before crossing the street.”(more)

For teens, feeling safe at school means increased academic success

Science Daily – Staff Writer

“Parents across North America are prepping their teens to head back to high school, hoping they will study hard to get straight A’s. But new research shows that good grades aren’t just based on smarts — high marks also depend on a student’s feelings of safety. The recent study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health by Carolyn Côté-Lussier of the University of Ottawa’s Department of Criminology and Caroline Fitzpatrick, a researcher affiliated with Concordia’s PERFORM Centre for preventive health, suggests that high schoolers who feel less safe at school have decreased learning potential and more emotional problems.”(more)