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6 ways teaching is changing for a digital world

E-School News – Stephen NooNoo

“Learning to change your teaching practice in today’s digital-first world is a bit like learning a foreign language, to hear ed-tech vet Ann McMullan tell it. “You don’t speak it fluently on the first day. But you pick up one word, two words, three words, and the more you engage and the more you use it, the more natural it begins to feel.” McMullan, who is the former executive director of educational technology at Klein ISD in Texas, was responsible for rolling out that district’s massive one-to-one program several years ago. Now an ed-tech consultant, in this video McMullan offers her best tips for innovative teaching in a changing world.”(more)

Chronically Misbehaving Kids Suffer Mental and Social Disease

Education Week – Julia Steiny

“Naturally, Faina Davis, a lawyer and head of Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY), would have a happy-ish story about what happens when troubled kids connect with adults who practice Restorative Justice. Far more often, kids misbehave, get punished, misbehave, get punished, in an endlessly destructive cycle. But Restoration works to interrupt this cycle by solving whatever was driving the misbehavior in the first place. An 11th grader, whom Davis calls Cameron, transferred into a Restorative Oakland high school. He’d already become, as she put it, one of those “scary-dude kids” with saggy pants, a black hoodie and a horrible attitude. Such charmers come to her through the Oakland’s schools, which have become demonstration sites for restorative justice. On his first day at the new school, Cameron met with the school’s Director. Cameron probably expected, per usual, to get yelled at, berated, and threatened with dire consequences for any more misdeeds. Instead, this Restorative Director put aside the thick folder of records of Cameron’s academic failures, suspensions and arrests. Start fresh. Cameron couldn’t suddenly become an angel. But together he and the Director would deal with the obstacles in the way of building a brighter, healthier path for this angry adolescent. Happy ending: a kid who never cut a break finally got one. Someone intervened in Cameron’s history of failure to pull him off the school-to-prison assembly line. Cue sunset. But Cameron was already a hot mess. It would be so simple, so straightforward if we knew that “scary-dude” kids were just born that way and not cultivated by circumstances to become a defensive, aggressive pre-prisoner. Davis only gives us a taste of Cameron’s circumstances.”(more)

Majority of American Parents Unaware of How Harmful Monthly School Absences Can Be

Education World – Staff Writer

“September is the first full month of school for most schools, and for that reason it’s also Attendance Awareness Month; throughout the month, advocates work to remind parents and mentors how important student attendance is for their respective achievement. While most parents understand how important attendance is, a new survey from the Ad Council has revealed they misunderstand how quickly absences add up.”(more)

Boeing’s 100 Days of Learning Brings Accessible STEM Education to Kids Across the Globe

3BL Media – Staff Writer

“With 100 years of innovation experience behind them, Boeing is looking ahead to the next 100 years of aerospace visionaries with their 100 Days of Learning campaign. The 100 Days campaign includes a wide range of resources to engage students, via teachers and parents, in STEM education. Boeing engineers worked side-by-side with partners Curiosity Machine, Teaching Channel, PBS Learning Media, and Above and Beyond to develop lesson plans, documentaries, and hands-on activities that break down complicated concepts into easy-to-digest resources. With 100 Days of Learning, Boeing hopes to spark young people’s natural sense of curiosity and show them just how astronomical their impact on the world can be.”(more)

7 Best Foreign Languages to Learn in 2016

Cheat Sheet – Lauren Weiler

“Whether you’re seeking employment in a new country or you’re looking for an adventure abroad, it’s in your best interest to learn at least one different language. The world we live in today doesn’t feel as large and distant as it once did thanks to technology. And if you’re looking to break into the very difficult job market today, you’ll have a major leg-up if you know a language other than your native one. Learning a foreign language can also have great effects on the brain, says The Washington Post. It can boost your cognitive abilities and make you a quicker, better thinker. Here are the top seven foreign languages that you should be learning in 2016.”(more)