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Let’s teach students why math matters in the real world

The Conversation – Edward R. Howe

“Teaching science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills is more important than ever, but it’s often difficult for students to understand the practical applications of such fundamental learning and how it will help them down the road. Classroom activities should be relevant, meaningful and connected to students’ prior knowledge and experiences. Learning must be based on lived experiences within both formal and informal educational settings.” (more)

Are there enough young people going into science?

On Rec – Staff Writer

“Across the world, scientific innovation is driving forward progress – from globalised drug development to technological expansion beyond Silicon Valley. In an era dubbed the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, change is happening at a rapid pace and large scale. But in a sector so reliant on top-tier skills, training up the new generation is essential. Are governments across the world investing enough in science education, and does science have enough people power to push ahead?” (more)

Space and the ‘Breath of Art’: How Out-of-This-World STEM Education Is Transforming Schools

Space – Carie Lemack

” Frank Lloyd Wright called space “the breath of art.” He disrupted architecture — he revolutionized the use of space on Earth — through the buildings he designed. If you want to see a different but no less artistic use of space, look not to Wright’s artistic treatment of space, but instead to students using their creativity to design experiments bound for outer space. Look to the heavens to see the latest academic disruption on Earth.” (more)

TEACHER VOICE: A summer in a science lab taught me the importance of hands-on learning

The Hechinger Report – Obi Chukwu

“Growing up in Texas with Nigerian-born parents, I loved movies, comic books — and science. In middle school, I participated in my first science fair. By high school, I never wanted to leave the lab. Flash forward to the present. I’m a high school chemistry teacher with 22 years of experience. When I started introducing my students to competitions for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), it was because I wanted to share this love of inquiry.” (more)

You’re Already Harnessing the Science of Learning (You Just Don’t Know It)

Ed Surge – Pooja K. Agarwal

“Ten years ago, I read an article in the New York Times with dismay. It was about how clickers were all the rage in schools across the country. It featured colorful photos of students using clickers and quotes from teachers who were thrilled with students’ newfound enthusiasm in class. The article focused on how clickers could help boost engagement and gamification in the classroom. But it only mentioned the word “learn” twice. As cognitive scientists who conduct research on learning, my colleagues and I were baffled.” (more)