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How One STEM Education Startup Is Changing Career Paths For Millennial Women

Forbes – Andrea Loubier

“Dr. Anna Powers is redefining the image of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, building the next generation of innovators, closing the gender pay-gap and cultivating a community of young women who are change-makers. In 2016, Dr. Powers established her organization, Powers Education, which uses an interdisciplinary, intuitive and creative method she developed to teach STEM subjects. Creativity is a skill necessary for innovation. In an increasingly digitalized world, where jobs are replaced by algorithms interpreted by machines, Dr Powers believes that “It is imperative to learn science in a creative way that leads that leads to innovation that can create jobs”.”(more)

The Key To America’s Future? Science

NPR Marcelo Gleiser

“How many Americans realize that one of the greatest, if not the greatest, legacies of this country are its amazing universities, incubators of some of the most creative ideas in the past 100 years? Ideas that have changed the world, that have shaped the way we live, that have saved (and taken) countless lives, that pave the way for what the future will be like. Manned missions to Mars, the privatization of the space race, self-driving cars, the explosion of social media platforms, renewable energy sources, the endless pursuit for new cures and vaccines, smart robots, ultrafast computers — these are the technologies that will define the 21st century, and they all depend crucially on science and scientific research.”(more)

Science Literacy And The 2016 Presidential Election

The Huffington Post – Dr. Mae C. Jemison

“Throughout my career, whether aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor, practicing medicine in Los Angeles and Sierra Leone or promoting sustainable development, I’ve experienced firsthand the incredible impact that can be made when we invest in science and technology R&D and science education. As a result, I know that our country stands at a critical point in the world and in U.S. history. The best paths forward to meet the demand – the imperative – to improve human quality of life while not overburdening this planet must be identified and executed. And frankly, collectively, consciously or unconsciously, we look to science for solutions to this conundrum.”(more)

Why Science Education Is Essential For Democracy

The Huffington Post – Arthur Camins

“The current election cycle scares me in ways that I have never felt before. It is not so much the hatred and lies that Donald Trump spews regularly, but the potential for sanctioned violence and irrationality from my fellow citizens. History and morality demand vigorous challenge. My realm is science education. I believe it has a role to play in promoting widespread human decency, equity, and reason. I came to science education advocacy as a young person by way of curiosity, social action, and history. I’m still there. Sure, effective STEM education can prepare students for the jobs of the future. Yes, it can enhance workforce competitiveness is a global economy. However, that is not what drives me.”(more)

What To Do About America’s STEM Education Gap

The Scientific American – Staff Writer

“America has been struggling to keep up when it comes to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. The U.S. placed 35th and 27th out of 64 countries in math and science respectively according to the 2012 Program for International Student Assessment survey. That stinks. Today, Scientific American and Macmillan Learning held the STEM Summit 4.0 at the New York Academy of Sciences. Educators, entrepreneurs and government employees gathered in a space overlooking the lower Manhattan skyline to listen to and discuss strategies for teaching and engaging students in STEM topics. This year’s theme: The Power of Data.”(more)

We Should Explore Mars So That Our Students Will Keep Dreaming Big

The Huffington Post – Janet Ivey

“Why send humans to Mars? Because as Gene Roddenberry said, “We are on a journey to keep an appointment with whatever we are.” As a space science educator, a lover of Star Trek, and someone who played “astronaut” on the playground, sending humans to Mars is more than just a good sci-fi fantasy, it is an imperative for humanity. Mars is the first outpost in the colonization of other worlds. And thanks to countless orbiters, landers, and rovers… the more we learn about it, the more Mars beckons. For the past 16 years, I have endeavored to find ways to connect students’ natural curiosity with the wonders of our solar system and the universe, and always with an eye looking back at Earth. As a STEM/STEAM educator, I believe that we must teach science as the greatest adventure story of all time; and allow and inspire students to dream beyond their house, their town, and their own Earth-bound experience.”(more)