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Teenage hormones ‘turn pupils off school for three years’

BBC – Judith Burns

“Adolescence and boredom can turn pupils off learning for three years in early secondary school, suggests a study. The overwhelming majority of pupils start secondary school with “initial enthusiasm” but this wanes during the first two years, figures suggest. The proportion who “feel good about school” falls 10 percentage points to 84% between ages seven and 14, suggests a GL Assessment poll of 32,000 pupils. Head teachers’ leaders said schools were working hard to address the issue.”(more)

Why STEM education is vital for this NASA mission

The Orlando Business Journal – Matthew Richardson

“In what almost sounds like the plot to the 1998 action flick Armageddon — without the ragtag group of guys being shot into space — NASA is sending its Lockheed Martin Corp.-built spacecraft to collect samples from a giant asteroid that later may be studied by today’s middle and high school students. “This mission is multigenerational,” Katrina Corden, a mechanical engineer with Lockheed Martin, told Orlando Business Journal. “The students here today will be the ones to study the samples that will return years later.” United Launch Alliance will use its Atlas V rocket to shoot the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft into orbit Sept. 8 at 7:05 p.m. from Cape Canaveral, but the spacecraft will not reach the asteroid named Bennu until 2018. The samples the vehicle will grab will land in a desert in Utah in 2023, completing a seven-year scientific journey. But until then, NASA, Lockheed Martin and the University of Arizona are reaching out to students at various middle and high schools to explain the significance of the program.”(more)

Careers talks ‘boost future earnings’ – research

BBC – Sean Coughlan

“Careers education given to pupils in secondary school can be linked to higher earnings in adult life, according to researchers. A study published in the Journal of Education and Work suggests that better-informed teenagers are likely to make more advantageous career choices…Where there were “higher levels of employer contacts, in the form of careers talks with outside speakers”, researchers found that this was linked to higher returns in the labour market. They concluded that getting careers information and meeting employers in school had a “meaningful and statistically significant impact on later earnings”.”(more)

Study Abroad for Younger Students: Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions

Education Week – Shuhan Wang and Joy Peyton

“Study abroad opportunities for students learning languages are not new, and participation in study abroad has increased significantly during the past decade. Most students involved in study abroad are in college or at a university…What about study abroad for students in elementary and secondary school? There are now many examples of programs underway across the country in which students in grade five through high school travel abroad…Coordinators are increasingly realizing the benefits for these students…A well-designed program combines academic learning, socio-cultural experiences, sight seeing, and sometimes community service; careful planning; involvement of parents, students, and staff; and exciting assignments (such as capstone projects). All are essential ingredients for success. Here are some common characteristics and benefits of strong programs:”(more)

Predictions and Predilections for a New ESEA

Education Next – Michael J. Petrilli

“If you stop and listen, you can hear it: The country yearning, praying, hoping for some sign that our political leaders can get their acts together and get something done, something constructive that will solve real problems and move the country forward again.”(more)

Parental involvement still essential in secondary school

Medical Xpress – Anthony Moore

“”The key findings here are that parents should always be involved, but they need to give great thought as to how they are involved and the manner in which they stay involved as the child ages.””(more)