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Good Schools Start With Good Goals

Education Week – Tom Vander Ark

“…I really like the goal statements from Danville Schools…To recap, it includes productive habits of mind, competency-based progression, college and career preparation, financial and digital literacy, service learning and preparation for citizenship.”(more)

Make Service Learning Global

Education Week – Anthony Jackson

“As service learning has taken root in schools and afterschool programs, its primary focus has been local and national. However, examining global issues can motivate a greater understanding of and involvement in local issues, and vice versa.”(more)

Serving and Learning from a Young Age

Eye on Early Education – Irene Sege

“…Students in Lunenburg and Hudson collected food for a local food pantry. In Medway, students grew crops from seedlings and created compost for a local community farm. Students in Leominster created a book about playground safety and shared it with other classrooms…What these projects have in common is that in each case the students were in kindergarten or pre-kindergarten. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) highlighted them at a recent full-day kindergarten networking conference. They are all examples of service learning, which ESE defines as a ‘method of teaching and learning that challenges students to identify, research, propose and implement solutions to real needs in their school or community as part of the curriculum.'” (more)