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The US spends more on education than other countries. Why is it falling behind?

The Guardian – Dominic Rushe

“America’s schools are in trouble – but it’s not all about money. In 2014, the US spent an average of $16,268 a year to educate a pupil from primary through tertiary education, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) annual report of education indicators, well above the global average of $10,759.” (more)

Jeff Bezos teaches his kids math with a strategy that’s made Chinese and Singaporean students the best in the world — but it’s unusual in the US

Business Insider – Abby Jackson

“Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO and richest person in the world, has amassed his wealth by being creative and trying unorthodox ways of solving problems. It seems he and his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, use the same approach for their children’s education. “We tried all sorts of things … Mandarin lessons, the Singapore math program, and lots of clubs and sports with other neighborhood kids,” MacKenzie Bezos told Vogue. Learning a second language has been found to have educational benefits, and team activities help create well-adjusted kids. But what exactly is the Singapore math program? .”(more)

Singapore Math Is Popular Among Educators Worldwide. Why?

Asian Scientist – Claudia Chong

“US-based company Singapore Math Inc. first introduced the Singapore Math textbook series Primary Mathematics (3rd Edition) to the US in 1998. Since then, states such as California and Oregon have approved the use of these textbooks in all kindergarten and elementary schools, International Enterprise Singapore revealed in 2009.”(more)

Singapore Math in Britain: U.K. Looks to Asian Textbooks to Raise Standards, Test Scores in 8,000 Schools

The 74 Million – Laura Fay

“The United Kingdom is betting on Asian-style textbooks and strategies to raise its math scores. The British government has set aside about $54 million to help 8,000 elementary schools adopt the mastery approach to mathematics used in Singapore, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. The money will be used for textbooks and teacher training in about half the elementary schools in the country.”(more)

6 Reasons Why Singapore Math Might Just Be the Better Way

The 74 Million – Mark Keierleber

“Since the 1980s, schools in Singapore have taken an innovative approach to teaching elementary math — a curriculum that focuses on problem solving with pictures and diagrams. Before the switch, the country’s math students “weren’t even registering on the charts as far as international ratings go,” says Dan Brillon, director of Singapore Math Inc., a company that distributes Singaporean math textbooks in the United States.”(more)

Customising ‘Singapore maths’ for use in schools abroad

The Strait Times – Yuen Sin

“The Singapore approach to teaching maths has become so popular that “Singapore maths” has become a familiar phrase with teachers and students in at least 14 countries, even as far as South Africa and Chile. It has produced results too. Studies in Britain, India and the United States have shown that the test scores of their pupils at the primary school level improve when they are taught mathematics the Singapore way.”(more)