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Pros and Cons of Mindfulness in SEL

Edutopia – Maurice J. Elias

“Perhaps the most popular current trend in social and emotional learning (SEL) practices is mindfulness. It’s not difficult to understand why. In 2017, mindfulness interventions were designated as deserving a full chapter in the Annual Review of Psychology. It’s a topic featured in many popular outlets and has come to be identified with the field of positive psychology.” (more)

Are counselors stretched too thin to meet students’ social-emotional needs?

Education Dive – Jay Mathews

“Few would argue that dedicated, qualified school counselors can have long-term advantages, not only for students, but for the community. For example, since 2008, Colorado has spent $60 million in grants, from the Colorado School Counselor Corps, to hire 270 counselors and provide professional development at 365 low-income middle and high schools. The wager that counselors can bridge the growing achievement gap in this increasingly diverse state appears to be paying off.” (more)

5 best practices for teaching challenging subjects

E-School News – Melissa Mott

“One of the most effective ways to cultivate skills such as empathy, problem solving, and emotion management is to help students productively struggle through an examination of the real and complex subjects that have and continue to face the world. Conversations on topics like racism, genocide, school shootings, and other forms of violence are not easy; however, honest dialogue can lead to increased understanding and compassion for the human experience.” (more)

Where Personalized Learning Meets Social Emotional Learning

Ed Surge – Betsy Corcoran

“Want to take a look inside some of the innovative schools in America? The second annual EdSurge Fusion conference is designed to be your entryway. This year’s theme— Personalized Learning for the Whole Learner—aims to help school leaders from around the U.S. see how their peers are shaping learning environments for students and educators. And far more than just listening to speakers from a stage, we’re crafting time for conference attendees to meet in intimate groups with each other and with speakers to explore the issues and challenges that confront each one.” (more)

The Future of Education Depends on Social Emotional Learning: Here’s Why

Ed Surge – Giancarlo Brotto

“Social and emotional abilities are said to be indicators of how well a person adjusts to his or her environment, adapts to change and, ultimately, how successful she or he will be in life. In fact, core development abilities such as conscientiousness, emotional stability, openness, and agreeableness can be as or even more important than cognitive intelligence in determining future employment. Despite these competencies being related to consequential life outcomes, it can be challenging for educators to find effective ways to prioritize, teach and assess social and emotional skills.” (more)

4 reasons teaching coding improves SEL instruction

E-School News – Stephan Turnipseed

“Being able to recall facts may help you look good in front of your friends during trivia night, but memorizing content of the past has become largely irrelevant in today’s modern society. When it comes to education, the undeniable truth of the testing culture from the past 20 years is that children arrive to the working world woefully unprepared to deal with interpersonal relationships or even the ability to work in teams.” (more)