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Spanish ‘More Important than Ever’

Language Magazine – Staff Writer

“It is in the U.S. that the language is growing fastest, said the academic director of the Instituto Cervantes, Richard Bueno Hudson, at the opening of a recent program called “Evolution of the Spanish Language in the World.” David Fernández Vítores, a professor at the University of Alcalá, predicted that the “40 million Spanish speakers in the U.S. [will] overtake the native Spanish community [in Spain] in a decade.” Native speakers make up 480 million (477 million at the previous count)—434,875,921 who live in the Hispanic world and 45,353,721 who live outside of it.” (more)

UK students are slowly ditching French and German in favor of Spanish and Chinese

Quartz – Nikhil Sonnad

“For a Brit trying to decide which foreign language to learn, French has long been an obvious choice. France is just across the English Channel, the language is widely spoken, and it is influential on the world stage. But now, Brits are finally expanding their horizons beyond the languages of Europe, to China, the Arab world, and Latin America. While French remains the most-studied language among secondary school students in the UK, its popularity is falling dramatically. Spanish is risking along with non-European languages like Chinese and Arabic. The same trend is also happening in the US.” (more)

Six reasons why everyone should learn Espanol

The Independent – Amanda Macias

“We’ve read the arguments for learning French, but let’s be honest: Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, or any other language with growing global importance would be a better choice. Spanish may be the best choice of all for a second language, which is why its popularity in schools is soaring worldwide. In honour of Hispanic Heritage Month, here are some reasons why you should estudiar.” (more)

Orange County parents opt to put children in language immersion programs

Los Angeles Times – Caitlin Yoshiko Kandil

“‘They’re learning how to speak English anyway, so it’s really no different for them to learn other languages at the time,” said Carrie Mizera, executive director of Renascence School International, a tri-lingual English, Spanish and Mandarin immersion program in Costa Mesa. “Their brains are really, really absorbent at that time, and that’s why we want to capture this opportunity and teach multiple languages.'” (more)

Learning new language popular resolution for 2018, says survey

The Herald Scotland – Staff Writer

” With Christmas over-indulgence out of the way, thoughts are turning to resolutions – and for many, that means learning a new language, a survey suggests. Around one in five (21%) are planning to make language learning a goal for 2018, according to a poll commissioned by the British Council.”(more)

Five languages Brexit Britons should learn

The Financial Times – Michael Skapinker

“The British Council survey attempts to address a looming post-Brexit problem. An end to EU freedom of movement may mean UK companies losing easy access to the Italians, Spaniards and Germans and many others who helped staff their European sales and marketing departments, not to mention many other parts of their businesses. And while English is now the world’s lingua franca, poor UK foreign language skills risk damaging the country’s future, the British Council says. It is not just that much direct-to-consumer business still has to be done in the customer’s language. It is also that being a monoglot blinds you to the rest of the world’s richness and complexity. Britons are going to have to become more culturally adept as the UK tries to establish new trading relationships, and keep up its existing ones.”(more)