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Are there enough young people going into science?

On Rec – Staff Writer

“Across the world, scientific innovation is driving forward progress – from globalised drug development to technological expansion beyond Silicon Valley. In an era dubbed the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, change is happening at a rapid pace and large scale. But in a sector so reliant on top-tier skills, training up the new generation is essential. Are governments across the world investing enough in science education, and does science have enough people power to push ahead?” (more)

Role models at Microsoft, Google, GE tell girls that STEM’s for them in new campaign

The Seattle Times – JANE L. LEVERE

“Bonnie Ross, head of Microsoft’s Halo game studio, says, “You have the power to bring new worlds to life.” Maya Gupta, a Google research scientist, advises, “Don’t just solve the problem, write the code.” And Lisa Seacat DeLuca, a distinguished engineer at IBM, suggests, “If you can imagine it, it’s possible.” They are among the women featured in a public-service campaign, which debuted Monday, that encourages girls ages 11 to 15 to get involved in science, technology, engineering and math.” (more)

Space and the ‘Breath of Art’: How Out-of-This-World STEM Education Is Transforming Schools

Space – Carie Lemack

” Frank Lloyd Wright called space “the breath of art.” He disrupted architecture — he revolutionized the use of space on Earth — through the buildings he designed. If you want to see a different but no less artistic use of space, look not to Wright’s artistic treatment of space, but instead to students using their creativity to design experiments bound for outer space. Look to the heavens to see the latest academic disruption on Earth.” (more)

The 2 stages of successful early STEM education revisited

E-School News – Kristen Fudale

“I have been in education for 18 years and my strongest belief is that all children deserve a fresh start when they begin each school year. My classroom is a safe environment where students feel it’s acceptable to try, even if they’re not going to be successful the first time–and that certainly applies to STEM education.” (more)

Out-of-this-world STEM for middle schoolers

District Administration – Ariana Fine

“On July 2, 2018, at 10:35 a.m., 25 middle school students in the Peoria, Illinois area had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to speak to an astronaut aboard the International Space Station. The conversation took place during the weeklong summertime STEM Academy, which was launched three years ago by the Peoria Heights School District, the University of Illinois Extension, Pearl Technology and Richwoods Township.” (more)

From Poverty To Rocket Scientist To CEO, A Girl Scout’s Inspiring Story

NPR – Elissa Nadworny

“Sylvia Acevedo grew up on a dirt road in New Mexico. Her family was poor, living “paycheck to paycheck.” After a meningitis outbreak in her Las Cruces neighborhood nearly killed her younger sister, her mother moved the family to a different neighborhood. At her new school, young Acevedo knew no one. Until a classmate convinced her to become a Brownie Girl Scout. And from that moment, she says, her life took on a new path.” (more)