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STEM-focused program will test high-schoolers’ soft skills

Education Dive – Linda Jacobson

“A nonprofit organization that works with K-12 schools to prepare students for jobs in careers such as computer science, engineering and biomedical science hopes to give employers and higher education institutions some data on whether students are gaining so-called “soft skills.”” (more)

STEM is key to growth [Opinion]

Houston Chronicle – Dave Tredinnick

“We know STEM education helps kids develop critical thinking, supports innovation and boosts science literacy and an understanding of how the world works. Actually, it’s true for people of all ages. For college-aged students, it can also open up a tremendous world of career opportunities. And for those who are already in the workforce, it can make all the difference in evolving and building skills to keep up with industries that are rapidly changing along with advancing technology.” (more)

STEM: Girls Just Wanna Have Games!

Education World – Staff Writer

“Doom, Duke Nukem, Abe’s Oddysee, Driver, Enter the Matrix…I watched as my husband and his business partners launched some of the biggest games in the world. “Is this just a guy thing?” I wondered. What about girls? Girls wanna play games, too. “There is no market for girl games,” explained the male marketing director. “Oh really?” Flash forward a decade or so. How do we feel about girls and games today? How do we feel about our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) issues? And how do we feel about using games to help students grasp difficult math and science concepts–games that let them actively engage with learning?” (more)

More than robots: Inspiring STEM education and life skills via robotics

E-School News – Donald E. Bossi

“Nearly 70,000 people cheering for their favorite teams, bleachers filled with signs and costumes, and fans gushing over game highlights and strategic execution. This was the scene in Houston and Detroit in late April—not for a football game or rally, but rather the premier sport for the mind: the world’s largest youth robotics competition, FIRST® Championship.” (more)

Boys’ interest in STEM is decreasing, new study says

The Denver Post – Natalie Weber

“STEM — which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — encompasses a range of fields that fall under this umbrella, including careers in areas such as computer science and civil engineering. Only 24 percent of boys are interested in a career in STEM, as compared to 36 percent in 2017, according to the survey administered on behalf of Junior Achievement and Ernst & Young LLP. Girls’ interest remained stable, though low, with 11 percent interested in a STEM-related career.” (more)

How Internships Connect First Generation College Bound Students to STEM Careers

KQED News Mind/Shift – Joanne Jacobs

“It was not an ordinary lunch period at Downtown College Prep Alum Rock High. Berenice Espino and her Quest for Space teammates had gathered in the engineering classroom to watch as a SpaceX rocket was launched into the atmosphere heading for the International Space Station, carrying onboard a science experiment they’d designed. NASA astronauts would test the device, which analyzes the effects of weightlessness on cooling and heating systems, and send data back to the students.” (more)