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Five Ways to Sustain Your Class Climate this Spring

Education World – Keith Lambert

“Spring…has come. It’s the end of the year, and your students are already staring out the window, dreaming of the beach, the basketball courts, the video games: the lazy days of summer. It’s getting hot, they’re cranky, they’re tired, and if we’re being honest, so are you. Unfortunately, it’s all-too-easy for teachers and students alike to begin to “check out” of the classroom this time of year. Something about spring makes us forget the classroom community we have built all year long. Today, Education World suggests a few easy practices to help you keep your rigorous classroom culture vibrant in the last few precious months of school.” (more)

The Case for Holding Students Accountable

Education Next – Adam Tyner and Michael J. Petrilli

“Sometimes it seems as if we’ve tried everything in our efforts to reform public education, yet nothing has worked to boost student achievement at scale. And despite all of our reform attempts, we have ignored one of the most promising catalysts for student success. What is this magical, elusive factor? Student effort.” (more)

How to keep today’s kids focused

The Toronto Star – Ana Homayoun

“Over the past year, there has been a deafening debate over the importance of creating tools to promote responsible technology use. In January, two of Apple’s shareholder groups asked the company to look at the addictive effects of iPhones on children. Google’s recent developer conference highlighted tools to help users better control smartphone usage. For our youngest generations, there’s certainly reason to believe that a focus on managing distractions is just as important as promoting good digital citizenship.” (more)

Five helpful tips to get your class engaged

Education Dive – Jim Paterson

“Engaging students – especially at the end of the year when attention wanes, or the start of the year when teachers want to get a class off on the right foot – is a critical part of classroom strategy. Here are five ideas about how to get your whole class interested and motivated and learning at a deep level.” (more)

The Take Care of Me List

Edutopia – Erin Ott

“I’ve taught enough middle schoolers to know that setting the right tone in the classroom is the foundation of joyful learning. I want students to walk out of my classroom understanding one simple thing immediately: They matter. Their preferences, their individuality—I want all of it, and I want them to understand that their learning environment should represent a partnership between students and teacher.” (more)

Engaging Novice World Language Learners

Edutopia – Elena Spathis

“It’s no secret that teaching a world language creatively can be challenging, particularly at the novice level. Our novice learners are limited in terms of their communicative skills, which often dissuades us from taking risks when designing lessons and assessments. As world language instructors, we can become so laser-focused on teaching the foundations of the language that we unintentionally neglect to infuse culturally rich, authentic materials into our lessons. This results in disengagement and lowered motivation on the students’ part, and frustration on ours.” (more)