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3 Benefits of Studying Abroad

The U.S. News and World Report – Josh Moody

“A college education can be life-changing; to get even more out of the experience, experts recommend studying abroad. “It really is transformative for students,” says Scott Sibley, interim provost at Goucher College in Maryland. “I see students who come back and the growth that they’ve experienced, the change in them in a positive way now that they’ve seen more is wonderful.” Study abroad professionals cite many reasons for a student to consider this option, but three in particular stand out.” (more)

New Study Abroad Population

Inside Higher Ed – Ashley A. Smith

“There’s pressure among community colleges to maintain their enrollments as well as retain students and find unique ways to get them to completion. A few two-year institutions have been promoting study abroad for years, but others are now considering these types of programs as a way to help boost their students’ experiences…“The business world today is a global market. It looks great for [students] to have a global experience. It helps them stand out and makes them more well-rounded,” said Emily Arbut, senior campus relations representative for College Year in Athens.”(more)

China newest classroom for Sussex Tech students

Delmarva Now – Faith Tarpley

“Lauren Thornberg’s summer plans have changed drastically. Instead of working a summer job or going to the beach, she’ll travel to Hangzhou, China with 27 other students chosen for the Delaware Summer Chinese Language Initiative for Communicating STEM. There, the students will discuss alternative energy, explore the culture and practice their Chinese…Steve Godowsky, secretary of education for the Delaware Department of Education…wants the students of Delaware to “be able to compete for jobs against students from all over the world. Students who have the language and culture skills necessary to work in an international environment will not only stand out, they will be invaluable,” Godowsky said.”(more)

Chinese language education lays solid foundation for future U.S.-China relations – Xinhua

“Encouraging more American students to study Chinese and study abroad in China will ensure Sino-American relationship grows and flourishes in the future, U.S. educators have said. “The goal is to strengthen the overall U.S.-China relationship by ensuring very strong people-to-people ties,” said Travis Tanner, vice president of 100,000-Strong Initiative Foundation, a non-profit U.S.organization that leads the Chinese language education initiative called “1 Million Strong.”…”The U.S.-China relationship is the most important bilateral relationship of the 21st century,” Josette Sheeran, President and CEO of the Asia Society, said on Thursday. “Now is China’s moment in the world to emerge, and the language is key to understand not only China’s today, but also China’s history, and the way it thinks.””(more)

Becoming a global citizen is just as important as getting a degree

The Daily Evergreen – BOGDAN (THEO) MYNKA

“We often talk about how getting a college education is one of the most important steps to becoming a responsible citizen and making a valuable contribution to society and future generations. But is that all it takes? Is taking the minimum required classes for a degree in your field enough to make one ready for the real world, or is there a problem – across the entire country perhaps – that involves our education system being too self-centered and isolated from the rest of the world? I think so…A recent survey conducted by the University of Hawaii noted that “40 percent of companies surveyed missed international business opportunities because of a lack of internationally competent personnel.”…Patriotism is still important – understanding the values of this nation is one of the most valuable qualities we can possess – but putting that patriotism into a global perspective and understanding the problems and cultures of the rest of the world is just as important and that should be part of our responsibility as college students.”(more)

Why More Americans Should Study Abroad

The Huffington Post – Taylor Dibbert

“I recently read an excellent essay by Sanford J. Ungar. Published in Foreign Affairs, the piece explains why it’s so important for Americans to study abroad. “The trouble is that relatively few Americans currently enjoy this kind of life-changing overseas experience,” writes Ungar. He cites many reasons for this, including inflexible curriculum requirements at American institutions of higher learning and the extra costs that could come with such an endeavor. Another significant problem is “the lack of curricular and socioeconomic diversity among those who do go overseas.” (The majority of students who study abroad are white and come from elite backgrounds.) Ungar notes that there have been some steps in the right direction. However, “efforts to increase the number of Americans studying abroad have been piecemeal and only partially successful.”.”(more)