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Fun STEM Activities To Do At Home With Your Kids This Summer

Forbes – Talia Milgrom-Elcott

“The days are longer and hotter this time of year. Just walking a few blocks can tire you out in the summer heat. If only it worked that way for kids. For parents, summertime presents the classic conundrum: “I love my kids so much, and yet I have so much time with them.” It’s like the inverse of that classic Borscht Belt joke about two old ladies having lunch. “The food here is awful,” says one. “And the portions are so small.” Even with daytime activities, keeping kids happily occupied over the summer can feel all-consuming.” (more)

5 Ways To Prevent The Summer Slide

The Huffington Post – Taylor Pittman

“Summer brain drain. Summer setback. Summer slide. Summer learning loss. Most parents have heard a version of the idea that over summer vacation, kids lose some of what they learn during the school year. But they’ll be happy to know there are actually realistic (and affordable!) ways to combat it. Dr. Katrina Lindsay, a clinical and pediatric psychologist at Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio, is the director of the hospital’s School Success Clinic, which specializes in helping kids who struggle in school. She told HuffPost that students lose about one to two months of learning over the course of the summer. For kids with learning disorders, that loss can be even larger.” (more)

8 Fun Ways To Keep Math Learning Alive Through the Summer

KQED News Mind/Shift – Katrina Schwartz

“Summer is a time for play and rest, family time and adventures. But there’s compelling research to show that kids forget a lot of what they learned during the school year if they don’t have opportunities to continue reading, using their mathematical thinking skills and exploring the world around them.” (more)

Summer fun! Keep the kids occupied with free and cheap activities

USA Today – Kelly Tyko

“It’s hot out there. The kids are antsy and so are you. Beat summer boredom and the summer heat by keeping them busy with some free and inexpensive activities. Many are offered during weekdays in air-conditioned places, but some programs also have events on weekends, including Bass Pro Shop’s popular Family Summer Camp and Home Depot’s monthly workshops. Also, combat the summer brain drain by taking advantage of a reading program or a tech camp. ” (more)

Getting kids to embrace reading is only part of the fun

Education Dive – Lauren Barack

” Library summer reading programs have grown beyond the book checklists of years past. Instead, public libraries are digging deep into the creativity bag to stitch some maker experience, contests and even — in one case — a rock & roll bowling event.” (more)

It is important for kids to stay socially active during summer, expert says

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

“For most children, summer break means more free time, but that extra time should not be spent alone. One Baylor College of Medicine expert discusses why it is important for children to remain socially active during summer. “Kids deserve a break during the summer. They’ve worked hard during the school year and this is their time to relax, but they should continue interacting with their friends and meeting new people,” said Dr. Jin Han, assistant professor in the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Baylor.” (more)