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It is important for kids to stay socially active during summer, expert says

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

“For most children, summer break means more free time, but that extra time should not be spent alone. One Baylor College of Medicine expert discusses why it is important for children to remain socially active during summer. “Kids deserve a break during the summer. They’ve worked hard during the school year and this is their time to relax, but they should continue interacting with their friends and meeting new people,” said Dr. Jin Han, assistant professor in the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Baylor.” (more)

Summer sucked the smarts from your kid? 4 ways to avert brain drain before school starts

USA Today – Staff Writer

“Summer is for pools, road trips and popsicles. But for kids, summer is also a time where learning is lost. It’s called summer brain drain, and it’s a drag for teachers and frustrating for parents and kids. Don’t let the summer slide hit your family. Parents and caregivers can help to keep children engaged and learning over the break through simple, everyday activities. Here are a few ideas:” (more)

A break from the classroom doesn’t have to be a break from learning

The Courier-Journal – Staff Writer

“Albert Einstein once said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” It’s sound advice about the need to continually seek knowledge — a quest that shouldn’t cease in the summer months. When school is out and the weather is hot, kids spend time splashing in the pool, hunkering down in front of the TV, or maybe even hitting the beach. They’ve earned this downtime and fun in the sun, but it’s crucial to keep young minds engaged to prevent “summer brain drain.” Children can lose as much as three months of skills over summer break, according to the nonprofit National Summer Learning Association.” (more)

25 Activities to Keep Kids’ Brains Active in Summer

Education World – Cara Bafile

“As students set out on summer adventures, send their parents a much-needed “life preserver” — a list of 25 activities to share and enjoy with their children. These fun activities cover all subjects and grades; there truly is something for everyone. And, if you have your own summer adventurers at home, this list can rescue your kids from the boredom and blahs of rainy summer days. This year, do more than amuse and entertain your kids and hope for the best for your students, keep their minds working all summer long!” (more)

Three steps to developing an engaging summer school curriculum

E-School News – Gregory Firn

“Summer school can be a daunting time for educators. Many struggle to create a concise curriculum that effectively teaches material while meeting the shortened timeline of summer school. Some find it challenging to override the distraction of summer fun for students—especially students who struggled to concentrate during the school year. One of the main challenges that educators face is adjusting their approaches on teaching to meet the needs of summer school students whose performance during the year necessitated summer school in the first place.” (more)

How Summer Vacation Took Hold in the U.S.

Bloomberg – Stephanie Mihm

“Planning a trip to the beach, a lake, or some other spot in the great outdoors in the next month or so? Please take a few moments to thank a small but influential group of reformers, idealists, and busybodies who created an enduring American institution: the summer vacation. Prior to the late 19th century, few Americans took breaks from work. The ethic of hard work and deferred gratification popular among the Puritans — never mind the simple fact that few people could afford to get away from tending farms — limited leisure.”(more)