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Education is the topic for the new World Development Report

The World Bank – KAUSHIK BASU

“Education is central to improving human welfare and to achieving the goals of eliminating extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity. Schooling was recognized as vital to achieving the MDGs, and it remains front and center in the SDGs. Yet there has never been a World Development Report (WDR) on education. As a result, I have just announced that the WDR 2018—with a working title of Realizing the Promise of Education for Development—will fill this gap by taking stock of what the development community has learned, and how it can strengthen and expand education systems to drive significantly more development and growth.”(more)

Are children learning? Two initiatives to monitor and help achieve SDG 4

Global Partnership for Education – Silvia Montoya & Jean-Marc Bernard

“The successful achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals will depend in large part on our degree of success in delivering on Goal 4 on education. Education is “a fundamental right and the basis for progress in every country,” as United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has argued. And as the international community has come to recognize, the educational outcomes that can drive the progress we seek go beyond access to a classroom and depend on the quality of learning available once there. As a result, five of the 10 education targets of SDG 4 focus on learning skills and outcomes of children and adults. This focus on learning is exactly the right move—we need to set our sights on the improvement of learning outcomes for all children. But how?”(more)

Sustainable Development Goals to kick in with start of new year

UN News Centre – Staff Writer

“As 2015 comes to an end, and with it the 15-year cycle of the anti-poverty Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the United Nations officially will usher in – on 1 January 2016 – an even more ambitious set of goals to banish a whole host of social ills by 2030. “The seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are our shared vision of humanity and a social contract between the world’s leaders and the people,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development…The goals address the needs of people in both developed and developing countries, emphasizing that no one should be left behind…The mobilization of means of implementation, including financial resources, technology development and transfer and capacity-building, as well as the role of partnerships, are also acknowledged as critical.”(more)

A revolution in early childhood development

UNICEF – Anthony Lake

“I used to think that early childhood development was all about education. That if we taught a child her colours and shapes, her letters and numbers, it would stimulate her mind and encourage healthy brain growth. And that is very true. But we now know that it takes more than education for a child’s brain to develop – a lot more. And what we are learning should ignite a revolution in how we think about and act on early childhood development. We already knew how critical the first years of a child’s life are to the healthy development of her brain. During those early years, almost 1000 brain cells connect every second – a pace never matched again…So, how do we unlock the life-changing benefits of early brain development and function? We invest early, to give every child a fair chance in life from the start. We invest equitably, because the children with the least, benefit the most. We invest smartly – not only in education, but also in health, nutrition and protection…The leaders of the world have just adopted the Sustainable Development Goals – and for the first time, ECD [Early Childhood Development] is explicitly recognised in the global development agenda. “(more)

The Global Search for Education: Gender, Gender, Gender — Do we get it?

The Huffington Post – C. M. Rubin

“Goal 5 of the UN’s new Sustainable Development Goals is to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Gender equality is the key to economic growth…Linda Scott is DP World Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. Linda is best known for her creation of the concept of the Double X Economy – a perspective which describes the global economy of women in both the developed and developing world, and the roles of women not only as consumers, but as investors, donors and workers…Her thorough analysis of the global situation makes it clear that gender inequality is not only cruel, but also economically disadvantageous. In our interview, Linda shares her tips for what educators and parents can do to combat gender inequality.”(more)

The Global Search for Education: The New UN Agenda — What Is the Role of Education?

The Huffington Post – C. M. Rubin

“Few would disagree that education is an urgent global priority for the health and prosperity of individuals, families, communities and nations…an enlightened and engaged education system will certainly support the attainment of the 17 new goals…Educators have an opportunity to engage students in shared problem solving towards the goals, and the responsibility to instill in the next generation a deep understanding of the power of informed action and the perils of inaction. The students of today will be the emerging leaders in 2030.”(more)