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Swedish children complain their parents spend too long on phones

The Guardian – Richard Orange

“More than a third of children in Sweden’s cities complain that their parents spend too much time staring at phones and tablet computers, leading doctors in the country to warn that children may be suffering emotional and cognitive damage.”(more)

How foetuses learn language

BBC News – Jane O’Brien

“Mastering a foreign language can be a frustrating experience and one that gets harder as we age. The younger you start, the easier it seems to be. Now researchers in the US and Sweden have found evidence that we start learning language before we’re even born.”(more)

Mom’s at work? Sweden’s solution is round-the-clock preschools

Quartz – Nathan Hegedus

“The Swedish welfare system is often derided as a ”nanny state,” but now the Swedish state is actually getting into the nanny business. Starting this year a $16.3 million grant will fund nighttime and weekend child care…Expanding “inconvenient time” child care helps parents with the exact kind of jobs that are growing in this globalized economy…”(more)

‘More Swedish kids should learn Chinese’

The Local – Ann Tornkvist

“The Swedish government on Monday took steps to boost Mandarin studies in Swedish schools, but it will likely be more than a decade before China’s biggest language is widely taught in Sweden.”(more)

Learning foreign languages triggers brain growth

Pravda- Yana Filimonova

“The results were surprising: the structure of the brain of the control group remained unchanged, but the students, who studied a foreign language, had certain parts of their brain increased in size. In particular, the researchers found the “growth” of the hippocampus – the deep structure of the brain responsible for the development of new knowledge, orientation in space and the consolidation of short-term memory into long-term memory.”(more)