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How teachers will benefit from Amazon Inspire: The new online education resources platform

The Deseret News – Megan McNulty

“This week, Amazon announced the release of a new online education platform, Amazon Inspire. Through the Amazon Inspire online platform, teachers and other educators nationwide can search, discover and share digital education resources including lesson plans, worksheets and other instructional materials for students from kindergarten to 12th grade. “The content is a mix of crowdsourced resources from teachers and other educators — uploaded via an interface that is not unlike Amazon’s self-publishing platform; and primary content posted by third parties,” TechCrunch explained.”(more)

Educating for the Bigger Picture

Education Week – Daniel Goleman and Peter Senge

“…for the past 20 years, innovative teachers have been working to introduce systems thinking into pre-K-12 schools to build a third intelligence—systems intelligence. Systems thinking, which has been a hot topic in the business world for years, has been shown to increase student motivation by engaging learners in issues of genuine concern to them…” (more)