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Tanzania: Learn Foreign Languages to Broaden Job Opportunities, Youth Told

AllAfrica – Deogratius Kamagi

“Youth in the country have been challenged to develop interest of learning foreign languages as a way to expand possibility of getting more employment opportunities abroad and foreign companies that are being introduced. The call was made in Dar es Salaam over the weekend by the Indian High Commissioner to Tanzania, Mr Sandeep Arya…He said that being multilingual will enable them to be more flexible in their thinking, expand personal network with people from foreign countries as well as being in a position to fill different employment opportunities that will be announced.”(more)

Play Hard, Live Free: Where Wild Play Still Rules

NPR – Eric Westervelt

“There are only a handful of these “wild playgrounds” in the country. They embrace the theory that free, unstructured play is vital for children and offer an antidote to the hurried lifestyles, digital distractions and overprotective parents that can leave children few opportunities to really cut loose. “It’s really central that kids are able to take their natural and intense play impulses and act on them,” says Stuart Brown, a psychologist and the founding director of the National Institute for Play. Children need an environment with “the opportunity to engage in open, free play where they’re allowed to self-organize,” he adds. “It’s really a central part of being human and developing into competent adulthood.” Brown says this kind of free-range fun is not just good; it’s essential. Wild play helps shape who we become, he says, and it should be embraced, not feared. Some educators advocate “dangerous play,” which they say helps kids become better problem solvers.”(more)

Tanzania: Mathematics Association Meets in Arusha – Beniel Sika

“The Mathematical Association of Tanzania (MAT/CHAHITA) holds its annual general meeting in September every year…the objectives of the association are to: Effect improvement in mathematics education…”(more)