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Analysis: Yes, Teacher Turnover Matters. But Much of What We Think We Know About It Is Wrong

The 74 Million – Chad Aldeman

“At an event several weeks ago, the Learning Policy Institute highlighted its recent report, “Teacher Turnover: Why It Matters and What We Can Do About It.” While it’s a worthy topic, and the institute accurately diagnoses some persistent challenges in retaining teachers in certain subject areas and in high-poverty schools, the report could potentially mislead people about the true causes of teacher turnover, the likelihood of significantly reducing those rates, and the potential policy solutions to do so.”(more)

If You Want To Know Why Western Students Are Falling Behind, Just Look At This Graph

Forbes – Nick Morrison

“One of the most startling global education trends in recent years has been the rise of China and the Far East, but far from being Shanghai’s secret, one simple graph helps explain why western students are falling behind…Fact-finding trips to the Far East, importing Chinese teaching methods, even shipping over Chinese teachers – no stone has been left unturned in a desperate attempt to close the gap…The Global Teacher Status Index is based on polling in 21 countries, asking respondents a range of questions to determine their attitude towards teachers…As the graph below shows, China is way out ahead in the status accorded to teachers, with the U.S. and the U.K. mid-table, just as they are in the performance tables…The poll also asked respondents to name professions whose status was most similar to teachers. In China, the professionals most frequently cited as equivalent to teachers were doctors, while in the U.S. they were librarians…it is hard to see how a profession can become enticing to the best recruits if it is held in low regard.”(more)