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Report Claims Most US Teachers Not Trained to Create Readers

Language Magazine – Staff Writer

“According to a report by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ), a Washington-based think tank funded by the conservative Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, which received funding from the Bush administration to support No Child Left Behind, many states fail to maintain the necessary requirements regarding elementary and special education teachers’ knowledge of reading instruction. The NCTQ has been critical of teacher education programs in the U.S. since its founding in 2000.” (more)

Taking Teacher Coaching To Scale

Education Next – Matthew A. Kraft and David Blazar

“The importance of individual teachers has emerged in sharp focus over the past decade, with compelling evidence that teachers have large effects on a range of student outcomes. Wide variability in teacher effectiveness, both across and within schools, highlights the persistent challenge of providing students with access to high-quality teachers. However, traditional efforts to increase teacher quality through professional development (PD) have been largely ineffective. That may be changing, as a new form of PD, teacher coaching, has emerged to disrupt the PD industry.” (more)

3 outstanding tips for training new and veteran teachers

E-School News – Lauren Thrasher

“Research tells us that students’ attention spans correlate to their ages, but did you know that this applies to adults as well? In fact, humans have less of an attention span than goldfish. (A human has an average attention span of eight seconds, whereas a goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds.) What does this mean? For one, it’s hard to capture someone’s attention. As educators, we know this all too well. But we also know there are tried-and-true tactics we can take to engage and motivate learners—no matter their age.” (more)

Burnout Isn’t Inevitable

Edutopia – Youki Terada

“In news that will surprise no teachers, a new study has found that 93 percent of elementary school teachers experience high levels of stress. But schools can mitigate the harmful effects of stress by providing proper supports, highlighting the importance of a holistic approach to teacher well-being.” (more)

What Do a Musician, Actor, and Teacher All Have in Common? Guided Instruction

Education Next – Sarah Merlo

“I’ve never heard of anyone worrying that musicians were being turned into robots because they performed music written by a composer, or that actors were being turned into robots because they performed in a play authored by a dramatist. In general, we celebrate these performances as great works of art. We buy into the logic of separating writers from performers, because it allows performers to focus on improving their artistry and it enables writers to preserve and share their work with audiences across space and time. We see musical compositions and theatrical scripts as valuable blueprints for beautifully designed works of art.” (more)

4 ways to make high-impact teaching a reality

E-School News – Colin Wood

“I’ve been very fortunate to travel the world and work in classrooms in the United States, Australia, Asia, and the U.K., and have seen phenomenal teaching everywhere I go. However, administrators tell me the challenge is how to effectively take that practice and scale it for every teacher in the district. How do we apply that brilliance across year levels, subject areas, and student demographics?” (more)