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Analysis: Yes, Teacher Turnover Matters. But Much of What We Think We Know About It Is Wrong

The 74 Million – Chad Aldeman

“At an event several weeks ago, the Learning Policy Institute highlighted its recent report, “Teacher Turnover: Why It Matters and What We Can Do About It.” While it’s a worthy topic, and the institute accurately diagnoses some persistent challenges in retaining teachers in certain subject areas and in high-poverty schools, the report could potentially mislead people about the true causes of teacher turnover, the likelihood of significantly reducing those rates, and the potential policy solutions to do so.”(more)

What is STEM education?

Science Daily – Staff Writer

“Teaching STEM in physical and online classrooms is the focus on two new papers in the Journal of Science Teacher Education and the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education. Both pull back the curtain on STEM education to show that there’s more to the art of teaching than science. Especially as school districts look at implementing Next Generation Science Standards, and researchers are encouraged to do more outreach for broader impact, a better understanding of the mental models of STEM ed and the value of designing an online classroom can be useful.”(more)

Preschool teachers need better training in science

Science Daily – Staff Writer

” Preschool instructors appear to lack the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively teach their young students science — a problem that is likely contributing to America’s poor global performance in this crucially important subject.”(more)

Refocusing professional development to make good teachers great

Education Dive – Dr. Brent Raby

“Research shows that an effective teacher can have a tremendous impact on a child’s learning. Therefore, to truly improve education, it is vital to focus on the classroom teacher. In West Aurora School District 129, we knew we needed to improve our professional learning program. In student achievement, our district ranked in the bottom 25% of Illinois districts. Sixty-seven percent of our students are economically disadvantaged, and many require additional programs, resources, and support. Our community had experienced a large influx of immigrants, and many of these children had no formal education. Our schools were serving a growing number of English language learners (ELLs) and students with disabilities. At the same time, we were losing teachers certified to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) and special education. In addition, statewide curriculum changes demanded that teachers have more specific certifications, exacerbating the teacher shortage.”(more)

As California Bilingual Education Grows, Teacher Training Is Key

KQED News – Adolfo Guzman-Lopez

“More often than not, many educators say, bilingual education teachers’ grasp of academic language in their second language trails that of their academic language in English. Experts in bilingual education say improving those skills will be essential as school districts open new programs after California voters lifted restrictions on dual-language programs last year. “Principals tell us, we know that the content is important, what they need to teach, but send us teachers [who] speak Spanish well,” said Lilia Sarmiento, a professor of education at Cal State Dominguez Hills. L.A. Unified is leading the pack of school districts in the state opening new bilingual education programs. It’s opening 16 programs this coming academic year, bringing the total to 101 bilingual programs.”(more)

Simpson: When Teachers Act as Coaches, Everyone Comes Out a Winner

The 74 Million – Quinn Simpson

“When you imagine a classroom, it’s quite likely you picture a teacher at the front talking passionately about a specific subject to students sitting in rows of desks. It’s been like this since the beginning of formal education, and it largely stays like this because it works. It works to ensure that students sit quietly and pay attention. It works to focus their energy on the next test or exam. It works to keep everything the same.”(more)