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The Place of Reflection in PD

Edutopia – Aaron Marvel

“In my experience, there’s a pivotal aspect of teacher development that is often overlooked: the influence of beliefs. Learning—for students and adults—always requires a change in cognition, but it doesn’t necessarily require a change in beliefs.” (more)

The art of engagement: classroom management now matters more in teacher training

Ed Source – David Washburn

“It doesn’t get the attention that curriculums and test scores do, but classroom management — the art and craft of keeping a room full of 20 eight-year-olds, or 35 teenagers, engaged and under control — is among the most challenging aspects of a teacher’s job. And it’s something for which new teachers are often the least prepared. Historically, a typical teacher credentialing program in California offered a one-credit course in classroom management, and some not even that, according to interviews with teachers, school administrators and those who run the programs.” (more)

Hostile teachers can lose students 5 percent on test scores

Science Daily – Staff Writer

“Teachers who antagonize their students by belittling them, showing favoritism, or criticizing their contributions can damage their learning potential, a new study warns. Investigating the influence of teacher ‘misbehavior’ on student learning, a team of communication experts set up a teaching experiment in which almost 500 undergraduate students watched a video of a lecture.” (more)

Rating Teacher-Preparation Programs

Education Next – Paul T. von Hippel and Laura Bellows

“Recent policies intended to improve teacher quality have focused on the preparation that teachers receive before entering the classroom. A short-lived federal rule would have required every state to assess and rank teacher-preparation programs by their graduates’ impact on student learning. Though the federal rule was repealed, last year some 21 states and the District of Columbia opted to rank teacher-preparation programs by measures of their graduates’ effectiveness in the classroom, such as their value-added scores.” (more)

Want to stop teachers leaving? Help them develop their careers

The Guardians – Staff Writer

“The teaching recruitment and retention crisis shows no signs of abating, with unions warning that losses will soon be unsustainable. Yet when it comes to investing in and developing our teachers, we’re not doing nearly enough. There are 300,000 pupils studying in schools where their teachers have no or very little budget for continuing professional development (CPD), according to a recent analysis of figures by the Teacher Development Trust. There is huge variation in investment from region to region, with spending per teacher three times higher in Newham, east London, and Hampshire than it is in Solihull in the West Midlands. Research shows that quality professional development plays a fundamental role in successful schools: improving outcomes for pupils and teacher recruitment and retention. So why are some schools allocating more than £1,200 a teacher while others are averaging less than £400?” (more)

Why Teacher-Driven Coaching Looks Different for Every Learner

Ed Surge – Annie Tremonte

“Recently, my school district—like many across the country—has begun to explore ways to increase students’ technology use in thoughtful ways, especially at the middle and high school level. Taking the idea from theory to practice is something that takes a lot of work, and classroom teachers can sometimes benefit from extra support to make this successful transition.” (more)