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Taking on teacher attrition

E-School News – Hilary Scharton

“We once believed that teacher effectiveness dramatically increased for the first three to five years on the job and then plateaued. But recent research suggests that substantial growth in effectiveness can be seen for the first 12 years on the job, and likely longer. This suggests that teacher quality develops over time and that experience can influence effectiveness. We also know that students who have highly effective teachers for three years in a row can score 50 percentile points higher on achievement tests than students who have less effective teachers three years in a row.” (more)

Effective PD Within the School Day

Edutopia – Peg Grafwallner

“Professional development (PD) is a mainstay in all schools. Some is offered by colleagues sharing best practices, some by district personnel or outside vendors. Having PD sessions during the school day is tricky. If PD is given at the beginning of the day, it’s typically prior to classes starting. Teachers are usually eyeing the clock, eager to get to their classrooms and prepare for the morning. If it’s given at the end of the day, teachers are again eyeing the clock, exhausted and ready to shift to their evening routine. So what can the teacher leader do to support their colleagues’ early morning or after-school PD learning?.” (more)

The Advantages of Being a New Teacher

Edutopia – Matthew M. Johnson

“If you look at books for new teachers, a trend emerges: Dozens of them, including four of the five best sellers on Amazon at the moment, include some form of the word survive in the title or subtitle. Outside of books for doomsday preppers or outdoorsmen, no other genre uses survive so liberally. This constant stress on surviving says something important about the lens through which the education community views new teachers. In the end, what generally defines them is not their skills and contributions but the things they must survive: the struggles, long days, and missteps.” (more)

Taking Stock of What You’ve Learned

Edutopia – Meagan Clark

“Recently a colleague asked me for a list of the top things to focus on in year one. If you’re a first-year teacher wondering the same now that you’ve passed the midway point, let me first say congratulations for making it this far. And here are some things to keep in mind to finish the year strong.” (more)

New Research on Opportunity Culture: Multi-Classroom Leaders’ Teams Produce Significant Learning Gains

Education Next – Emily Ayscue Hassel and Bryan Hassel

“What if every student actually could have an excellent teacher? According to a new study released through the CALDER Center, it might be possible. Study authors Ben Backes of American Institutes for Research (AIR) and Michael Hansen of the Brookings Institution found that students in classrooms of team teachers led by Opportunity Culture “multi-classroom leaders” showed sizeable, statistically significant academic gains. There’s interesting fine print, so read on.” (more)