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America needs to support STEM education. Here are three ways business can make it happen

Fox News – Talia Milgrom-Elcott and Blair Blackwell

“Five years ago, 100Kin10, a network of over 200 partners, came together around a common goal: realizing President Obama’s challenge to train 100,000 high-quality science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) teachers by 2021. President Obama recently announced that 100Kin10 will not only meet, but will exceed that goal by 2021. As we celebrate this milestone and how far we’ve come over these five years, we still need to ask “What’s next?” How can we make even bolder progress and continue to value and invest in teachers? As leaders at the intersection of STEM and education, we know that our country faces many systemic challenges in recruiting, training, supporting and retaining excellent STEM teachers.”(more)

Attracting More Women To Study STEM In A World Full Of Geek Dude Stereotypes

Forbes – Michelle Cheng

“Half of all science and engineering degrees are earned by women. Does this signal gender equality in STEM? Many experts and advocates say it doesn’t. While the critical mass of women in biosciences and social sciences remain high – between 49% and 58% – the proportion of female students who earn bachelor’s degrees in engineering (20%) is bleak. It’s an even lower percentage of women in computer science, according to a National Science Foundation report from 2015. Women often turn away from these heavily-male dominated fields because they don’t feel as though they fit or look like they belong, according to a 2015 study from the American Association of University Women (AAUW), pointing specifically to stereotypes, biases, curriculum and environment as factors holding back women’s full participation. It doesn’t help when the portrayal of computer programmer in mainstream culture tends to be unrepresentative of women. Being the face of CS is rare for a woman. If you look up “programmer” on Google GOOGL +0.62% Images, you’ll have to scroll a long time before you see the first image with a woman in it. The highly-acclaimed HBO show Silicon Valley follows a group of nerdy, male programmers in a startup company. Back in real life, only one-quarter of speakers at top tech events are women.”(more)

Learning a foreign language will definitely enhance your career – here’s how!

Your Story – Sanjana Ray

“Remember when you were in college and you thought you’d take your free time to work out, learn how to drive and pick up a foreign language? We’ve all been there, we’ve all made those plans for the summer-breaks – and most of us have just beach-whaled and binge-watched through them instead. But for those ambitious souls who managed to raise themselves out of their sloth and dedicatedly attend those classes and actually utter a confident ‘how do you do’ in a foreign tongue, kudos to you. Consciously or unconsciously, you just raised your self-value in the job market by a million.”(more)

6 Tips for Teachers Headed Back To The Classroom

The Huffington Post – Dayna Steele

“In the Classroom: 101 Ways to Rock Your World was written as a gift to teachers — new ones and the ones who have been in the trenches for years. Where would anyone of us be without a teacher at some point in our lives? I’ll bet, no matter what your age, you can still name a teacher that had an impact on your young life. Mine was Mrs. Griswold in the 2nd grade at Houston’s Sutton Elementary. She encouraged my love of reading, made me feel confident, and let me sit next to Dale Clarke, the boy I had such a crush on.”(more)

As deadline looms, California struggles to finalize new school accountability system

Ed Source – Louis Freedberg

“California is on the verge of finalizing what leading educators believe is the most ambitious attempt in the nation to use multiple dimensions to measure how well – or poorly – a school or district is doing, rather than focusing primarily on test scores. “All across the country people are paying attention to what California is doing,” Linda Darling-Hammond, the president of the Learning Policy Institute, said at a recent California School Boards Association conference. The deadline for approving the plan is barely two months away, as required by a state law championed by Gov. Jerry Brown that implemented the Local Control Funding Formula, which reformed both the way schools are funded and how progress will be measured. The state’s goal has been to come up with a system that will require schools and districts to measure how they are doing on eight “priority areas“ ranging from test scores to less definable measures such as school climate.”(more)

Four ways to create a strong principal pipeline, and a leader prep process to match

The Hechinger Report – Stephanie Hull

“It is a challenging time to be a school leader—and to hire good ones. The headlines make it plain: From funding crises (as in Detroit and Kansas) to school violence and discipline reform to the needs of immigrant families to testing and student achievement, the issues that principals must confront are more varied and complex than ever. Committed, skilled teachers have their hands full in the classroom—where they have chosen to be—with little time or incentive to consider administrative careers, and a front-row seat to see just how challenging a principal’s role can be.”(more)