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A Survey Sheds Light Into Parental Views Of Technology in Education and Careers Of Their Kids

Forbes – Anna Powers

“It’s school season again and all the preparations that come with it, especially for parents, who are eager to see their children succeed and have poured their hearts into planning and organizing all their activities. It is no secret that tech and gadgets are going to play a big role this school year, as according to data gathered by Nielsen, 45% of children age 10 to 12 get a smartphone, with age 10 being the predominant age. Given this climate, Microsoft teamed up with YouGov to understand how parents of children under 18 in the U.S. view technology in the realms of education, parenting and career prospects.” (more)

What K–12 Administrators Should Think About When Integrating Classroom Tech

Ed Tech Magazine – Eli Zimmerman

“For K–12 school districts that want to adopt classroom technology to improve outcomes or better engage students, the first step is engaging teachers, says Shannon Tabaldo, founding director of the Innovation in Digital Education and Leadership institute. “As we move into this space of digital technology integration in the K–12 world, teachers in a special place in their career — maybe they’ve already been in teaching for quite a while — they don’t have the educational background of technology,” Tabaldo tells EdTech, following an appearance at the International Society for Technology in Education 2018 conference. This usually leads to an evident lack of student engagement, Tabaldo explains.” (more)

Digital Devices in the Classroom Can Hinder Long-Term Retention

Ed Surge – Tina Nazerian

“The question of whether or not to allow students to use smartphones, laptops and other technology in the classroom has been long-debated, and at times, heated. And just as a new school year is set to begin, a new study raises fresh concerns about potential downsides of multitasking during class.” (more)

12 tips to help you identify classroom-ready tools

E-School News – Jeff Knutson

“The Common Sense Education team is constantly searching for the best tools for digital teaching and learning. Our experts have rated and reviewed more than 3,000 (and counting!) apps, websites, and games for their learning potential. Through all this, we consistently come across new tools that are unlike anything we’ve seen before. The innovation happening in the edtech world is a big part of our inspiration and motivation to keep reviewing.” (more)

The Future Belongs To STEM

Forbes Middle East – Neha Kaul

“As our technologically-advanced present transcends into a technology-dependent future, how do we develop future leaders who can navigate the complexities ahead? STEM Education—Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics—seems to hold the key. But STEM is not the goal, it is the means to a problem-solving and innovation-based approach to progress.” (more)

How Robotics Competitions Close the STEM Skills Gap and Build a Diverse Workforce

Ed Surge – Kelli Anderson

“For nearly 30 years, the global non-profit FIRST has been getting kids hooked on science and technology through hands-on robotics competitions for grades K-12—complete with cheering crowds, adrenaline rushes and teams snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Students invent products, apply for patents, and fall in love with science.” (more)