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Kids learn better when they’re moving. Just ask this Memphis teacher and dance coach.

Chalk Beat – Caroline Bauman

“Alexia Young loves to keep her third-grade class on the move. Every day, her students at Lucie E. Campbell Elementary School in Memphis jump up from their desks, dance around the classroom, and belt out a “reading chant,” complete with hand motions. “I love to read. I’m intelligent. Whoo that knowledge! Strong and elegant, I love to read, read, read!” Young says the ritual helps her students focus before they dive into reading time. But equally as important, it gets them up and moving.” (more)

Closing the Achievement Gap With SEL

Edutopia – Tom Berger

“Nashville’s Pearl-Cohn High School is trying to close its achievement gap. Over 90 percent of the roughly 800 students receive free or reduced-price lunch, and 90 percent have identifiable trauma in their backgrounds. The school meets these challenges head-on, striving to accommodate the academic needs of all students with trauma-informed practices and pedagogy grounded in social and emotional learning (SEL).” (more)

The First State To Offer Free Community College To Nearly Every Adult

NPR – Emily Siner

“The opportunity to go to college for free is more available than ever before. States and cities, in the last year especially, have funded programs for students to go to two-year, and in some cases, four-year, schools. Tennessee has taken the idea one step further. Community college is already free for graduating high school students. Now Tennessee is first state in the country to offer community college — free of charge — to almost any adult. Republican Gov. Bill Haslam has long preached the importance of getting adults back to school. He says it’s the only way that more than half of Tennesseans will get a college degree or certificate.”(more)

Protecting early childhood education helps national security

Commercial Appeal – Vinson E. Smith

“The next time you drop your child off to preschool, or spot a gaggle of four year olds on a playground, you should think about national security. Yes, you read that correctly, because a lot of what happens in a four year old’s mind right now will have a big impact on his or her ability to qualify for military service or employment later in life.”(more)

How one district built a better blended learning program

E-School News – Laura Devaney

“Blended learning is rapidly becoming a core part of schools’ educational approach, partly because the model suits so many educational needs–credit recovery, dual enrollment, and access to advanced courses not always offered in brick-and-mortar schools. To help connect educators with blended learning schools and districts, the Clayton Christensen Institute (CCI) curates the Blended Learning Universe, an online hub and directory offering resources about blended learning basics, research, and examples of different implementations.”(more)

Social-Emotional Learning: States Collaborate to Craft Standards, Policies

Education Week – Evie Blad

“Eight states will work collaboratively to create and implement plans to encourage social-emotional learning in their schools, the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning announced this month. The organization, which is also known as CASEL, will assist the states through consultation with its own staff and a panel of experts. The participating states are California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Washington. And an 11 additional states that originally applied to join the collaborative will have access to the materials it develops. Each participating state has a unique plan, and many of those plans include creating developmentally sensitive standards that show how social and emotional skills are demonstrated at each grade level, developing materials to infuse traditional classroom concepts with social-emotional learning concepts, building strategies for state-level support, and implementing professional-development plans for schools about the subject.”(more)