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Hey parents, here’s why it’s important to visit the principal’s office

The Dallas Star-Telegram – Diane Smith

“If American artist Norman Rockwell took to canvas the image of a 2018 school principal, it might depict an educator shaking hands with parents or standing among children in a main hallway. But Rockwell’s image of a young girl sitting outside the principal’s office after receiving a black eye, “The Shiner,” is often what parents envision when they think about the principal’s office. A visit to the principal’s office doesn’t need to signal that something is amiss, said Anne Wicks, director of education reform at the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas.” (more)

Second languages give Texas students clear advantages

Trib Talk – Diego Lomeli

“Most of us need the English translation; approximately 15.6 of our 24 million Texan neighbors speak only English. It’s 2018 and the world is growing increasingly competitive financially, academically and socially. We all care about our children and their success in the competitive future, but we can’t claim to be setting them up for triumph if we don’t give them every possible edge today. The advantages of being raised bilingually in the 21st century are glaring. We need to provide instruction in a second language to our kids, and we need to start now, while the most benefits can be reaped.” (more)

STEM is key to growth [Opinion]

Houston Chronicle – Dave Tredinnick

“We know STEM education helps kids develop critical thinking, supports innovation and boosts science literacy and an understanding of how the world works. Actually, it’s true for people of all ages. For college-aged students, it can also open up a tremendous world of career opportunities. And for those who are already in the workforce, it can make all the difference in evolving and building skills to keep up with industries that are rapidly changing along with advancing technology.” (more)

Program that recruits STEM majors into teaching shows positive results

Education Dive – Linda Jacobson

“A teacher recruitment program that has spread from one university in Texas to 4,500 universities across the country is having success at raising students’ math and science scores in middle and high school, according to research recently published in the Economics of Education Review.” (more)

In wake of shootings, schools grapple with how to handle violent threats

The Christian Science Monitor – Alexandra Villarreal

“When 12-year-old Nora Nissenbaum told a boy from her class she wasn’t interested in him anymore, he started texting her images of Adolf Hitler and insults such as “dirty Jew.” Nora’s parents contacted her suburban Philadelphia middle school and police. Soon after, word spread that the boy had supposedly threatened to take a gun to class and target 33 people, including Nora. But within a week, the boy was back in class despite facing criminal charges in juvenile court, and he and Nora were crossing paths in the hallway eight times a day.” (more)

How we developed a personalized PBL model for STEM

E-School News – Levent Sakar

“How can schools and districts prepare students for college and careers in STEM? Is it by asking them to passively read a textbook or listen to a teacher lecture? Or is it by challenging them to actively engage in projects that attempt to solve real-world problems? In Harmony Public Schools in Texas, we want students to become active learners, problem solvers, and STEM advocates. We want to increase their knowledge, skills, and interest in STEM, and balance student-centered teaching with state and national standards. To do this, we developed a personalized project based learning (PBL) model called STEM Students on the Stage (SOS)™.” (more)