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Texas textbook vote highlights disputes over US history – and how to teach it

The Christian Science Monitor – Jessica Mendoza

“Texas education officials nixed a proposal to let university experts check state textbooks for factual errors – reviving a long-simmering dispute over ideological bias in how history and science are taught in public schools. Some Texas conservatives applauded the state Board of Education’s 8 to 7 decision Wednesday to stand by its current process, which relies on citizen panels to vet textbooks. Others, however, say the vote’s results are another example of how the nation’s increasingly polarized ideologies are affecting school curricula.”(more)

Textbooks, Curricula Failing to Align with Common Core

Education News – Grace Smith

“Back in 2010 when Common Core arrived in New York, Cheryl Schafer, a veteran math teacher, soon saw that the materials teachers were given were not what they needed to teach the new national standards. The textbook publishers responded with editions they said were aligned to the standards, but almost all of them were simply repackaged versions of the earlier books. Matt Collette of The Daily Beast writes that even now, the majority of textbooks are not aligned with the national standards and the resulting burden on classroom teachers is huge since their performance is often tied to students’ test scores based on Common Core standards. Having the correct materials for teaching the standards may even make a difference in a teacher’s paycheck.”(more)

Common-Core Math Textbooks to Get Online Ratings

Education Week – Liana Heitin

“A new group billing itself as a “Consumer Reports for school materials” will soon begin posting free online reviews of major textbooks and curricula that purport to be aligned to the Common Core State Standards—an effort, some say, that has the potential to shake up the market.” (more)