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‘Implement all aspects’ of educational reform

The Nation Chularat Saengpassa

“The reform system should include making schools accountable for the quality of education provided; granting schools administrative freedom so they can hire proper personnel; allowing parents to choose schools based on their quality; reforming curriculum and teaching standards in the 21st century context; boosting education quality by allocating more funds and establishing an assistance system for schools with economic and social problems.”(more)

Childhood Obesity: A Weighty Problem

The Nation – Pavintra Harinsoot Somnuke, MD

“While the problem in western countries has been building for decades, Thailand’s childhood obesity problem is a more recent phenomenon. Statistics from Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health reveal significant increases in the rate of obesity among children.”(more)

Educators want urgent reform

Bangkok Post – Lamphai Intathep

“Leading educators have urged the government to take concrete action to reform Thailand’s education system after the country was ranked near the bottom in a recent global report.”(more)