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Training partnership teaches welding — and life skills

The Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel – Rick Barrett

“Growing up about 30 years ago, Super Steel Inc. President and CEO Dirk Smith says, he learned a work ethic and other essential skills that he believes are missing now in some job applicants. “My parents instilled that in me,” said Smith, adding that he didn’t have to learn many of the “soft skills” in the workplace because he had already been taught them at home. Now, Smith says, he sees young people lacking knowledge of basic things such as showing up to work on time. Sometimes they don’t have a bank account, which is a problem because Super Steel, a Milwaukee manufacturer and metal fabricator, has a direct-deposit payroll. “We can teach kids the technical skills, on how to weld or operate a brake press. … But if they are missing the essential life skills, then all of that training is lost,” Smith said. Addressing the issue, Super Steel has partnered with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin in a welder skills development program where the curriculum includes classes in areas such as communication, teamwork and conflict resolution.”(more)

Vocational Education for a Post-Industrial Society

Education Next – A. Graham Down

“The most important aspect of Nancy Hoffman’s recent book Schooling in the Workplace is that it reminds us of how seriously vocational education has been neglected in the general concern about school reform…”(more)

The hardest jobs to fill (think plumbers)

The Washington Post – Valerie Strauss

“Reformers who think that students should be studying subjects that will help them fill empty jobs should be pushing for more vocational education in the skilled trades.” (more)

An end to qualifications that have no real value

The Guardian – Alison Wolf

“Young people all over Europe face a daunting labour market, and school qualifications are critically important to their job prospects. An education system that ignores labour market realities is failing in its duty. In the review of vocational education that I carried out for the government last year, I concluded England was doing exactly that.”(more)

Industry Puts Heat on Schools to Teach Skills Employers Need

The Wall Street Journal – James R. Hagerty

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a report in May that said higher education had failed to ‘tap the potential of digital technology’ in ways that would “transform learning, dramatically lower costs or improve overall institutional productivity. Much of the emphasis is on community colleges and vocational schools because they are affordable and can quickly turn out job candidates.”(more)