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Uganda: Promote the Duo Qualification to Reduce Poverty – Augustus Nuwagaba

“…There is no linkage between what is required in the economy and what business goes on in training institutions…We do not need to invent any new wheels. What countries such as the East Asian Tigers did to create wealth and transform their economies was to link their education and training with their needs for economic transformation.”(more)

Uganda: Languages Not Scrapped From New Curriculum – Francis Kagolo

“NCDC’s director, Conie Kateeba said the new curriculum was intended to provide a holistic education which can promote critical thinking, creativity and innovation among students…Arabic, Luganda and other languages are still part…”(more)

Uganda: African Economy At Its Best – Paul Busharizi

“Africa’s economy is in the best shape it has ever been and is attractive to international investors…the continent’s challenge is to transform economic growth into improved welfare for its citizens. “The single most decisive factor in economic transformation is the provision of quality education, especially for the children of the poor,” he said.”(more)

Africa: How to Bring Education to the Poor in Africa – Richard Dowden

“Education not only utterly transformed the lives of individual students and offered them a future otherwise closed to those who do not go to school; it often transformed their families and communities. This was an indirect and unexpected impact.” (more)

Uganda: First Lady Urges Teachers On Morals

All Africa – Staff Writer

“The First Lady and MP for Ruhaama County, Mrs Janet Museveni, has urged teachers to be role models not only for their students, but their communities as well.”(more)

Uganda: Girls Now Smarter Than Boys

All Africa – Staff Writer

” But now the gender gap has narrowed, with 48.8% of female graduates and 51% males graduating. In some courses, the number of girls graduating is even higher in some courses.”(more)