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Generation Sensible: The 18-year-olds of today

BBC – Hannah Richardson

“Dubbed Generation Sensible, the 18-year-olds of today are much more likely to be found in the university library than the local pub, research suggests. The Office for National Statistics paper compares their habits with those of 18-year-olds around the year 2000. It might be an oversimplification to call today’s older teenagers “boffins” and those at that age around the millennium “boozers”, the ONS suggests.” (more)

Making the Most of Visual Aids

Edutopia – Jennifer Davis Bowman

“Most teachers understand the power of visual aids in helping students grasp content. Teachers value the support that visuals lend to classroom instruction because they encourage students to make associations between pieces of information, soak up chunks of course content quickly, and function as a memory aid.” (more)

Benefits Of 529 Education Accounts Expanded Under 2017 Tax Reform

Forbes – Bob Carlson

“In a 529 savings plan, you contribute money to an account and name a beneficiary, usually one of your children or grandchildren. The money in the account is invested, and the income and gains compound tax free. Some plans let you choose how the account is invested from among mutual funds selected by the plan sponsor. In other plans, the sponsor decides how the money is invested or allows you to choose from several diversified portfolios it manages.” (more)

Perspective: After Spade & Bourdain, America Grapples With Surge in Suicides. But Students With Depression Won’t Seek Help; It’s Up to Us to Reach Out

The 74 Million – André-Tascha Lammé

“I just added Anthony Bourdain’s name to a list that I keep in my wallet. The list has two columns: one for those who are no longer alive and the other for those who have survived. It is immaterial whether they were a public figure like Tony or a Sacramento bartender named Ben Moore. Since 2007, deaths by suicide have been on a steady increase across every demographic. Some of the most disheartening figures have been those related to children. Since that year, in the 10-to-19 age group, there has been an increase of 60 percent. The number of boys dying by suicide has increased 44 percent, and for girls it has been a horrifying 128 percent.” (more)

5 tips for teaching preschoolers coding before reading

E-School News – Grant Hosford

“Early learning experts agree that the five areas of child development are physical, social, emotional, thinking, and language; however, many people disagree on when and how to introduce these concepts to younger learners. To prepare the next generation for a world in which flexible problem solving and the creative use of technology matters more than domain expertise, I’m proposing we teach all preschoolers to code.” (more)

Strategies for Students With Scattered Minds

Edutopia – Dr. Donna Wilson and Dr. Marcus Conyers

“Imagine a team without a coach guiding players toward working together to execute a winning strategy. Imagine a company without a leader to make sure that employees across departments are equipped and organized to collaborate on continually improving products and increasing sales. Imagine a marching band without a drum major to lead musicians through their complicated maneuvers while staying on beat.”(more)