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How To Talk To Kids About School Safety

The Huffington Post – Caroline Bologna

“Although it’s important to respond to kids’ queries and have conversations around school safety, broaching this topic without causing unnecessary fear or anxiety can pose a challenge. To offer guidance, HuffPost spoke to a couple of school safety experts about the best ways to tackle these issues with kids. Here are eight things to keep in mind when discussing school safety with children. Much of the advice can apply to parents and educators alike.” (more)

It’s not just for kids—even adults appear to benefit from a regular bedtime

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

“Sufficient sleep has been proven to help keep the body healthy and the mind sharp. But it’s not just an issue of logging at least seven hours of Z’s. A new study on sleep patterns suggests that a regular bedtime and wake time are just as important for heart and metabolic health among older adults.” (more)

Implementing a Strong Phonics Program

Language Magazine – Lynn Hobratschk, Amy Jones, and Lisa Toole

“According to some recent research, phonics instruction is one of the most effective ways to teach children how to read, but a comprehensive phonics curriculum is hard to come by. Unless they develop foundational reading skills early, students will experience literacy deficits across all subjects. Here, three innovative curriculum leaders, Lynn Hobratschk, Dr. Amy Jones, and Lisa Toole, offer their insights into what makes a successful phonics program and how to implement it in schools.” (more)

13 language-learning tips from Bates faculty and students

Bates – Emily McConville

“Learning a new language opens up career prospects, richer travel experiences, and opportunities to communicate with people. It also helps you see your own culture from a different perspective. “You won’t know your own culture or language until you learn another language or culture,” says Keiko Konoeda, a lecturer in Japanese whose research focuses on teaching languages.” (more)