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Health & Wellness: Don’t just sit this summer — be fit

Daily Herald – Amy Osmond Cook

“With Memorial Day on the horizon, that means one thing — summer vacation is on its way. Don’t let this be the summer your child wears out the wireless controller on his game console. If the last time your child got her heart rate up during summer vacation was when she was chasing down the ice cream truck, it’s time to re-examine your family’s fitness habits. Summer is the perfect season to introduce healthy fitness habits. Fitness isn’t limited to physical exercise, it includes mental exercises and eating healthy every day. No matter the age, it’s never too soon to practice healthy habits.”(more)

Teach Kids About Budgeting And Take A Vacation At The Same Time

Forbes – Neale Godfrey

“Now that spring is finally here, it’s that time again to think about shelling out money for a family vacation…With significant spending aimed at making the whole family happy, don’t you think it’s the right time to get the kids involved in the budgeting?…Vacations can be both a rewarding, learning experience, as well as fun for parents and children alike, if you turn the vacation into a family project from start to finish. When children take an active role in planning a vacation, they make an investment in their own adventure. To begin, set some cost and travel parameters, then have your kids go online to come up with some vacation ideas. Set a deadline for them to present their ideas to the whole family at a family meeting. They have to come up with ideas that will suit the whole family, within the budget…No matter how wealthy you are, I suggest that the kids contribute to the family vacation. It doesn’t have to be in actual money; it is just as valuable if they come up ways to economize during the trip. Again, these are important lessons that they can use throughout their lives.”(more)

Another School Vacation? How Parents Can Prevent the Spring Slide

The Huffington Post – Lindsay Abbott

“Spring is here, which means warm weather, antsy children, and another school vacation. When the fun and relaxing times end, returning to school can be quite overwhelming…Researchers call this phenomenon the “summer slide,” but it can happen in any season. When children spend about a week or more away from school they tend to forget some of what they have learned. This means teachers have to spend time reviewing old concepts rather than introducing new material. During school vacations children fall out of their study routines and can even lose their ability to focus…I’m not arguing against all time off. Children do need a break from school to spend time with family, observe holiday traditions, travel, and to just simply rest. However, this should occur for limited amount of days to prevent kids from falling behind academically. In the meantime, here are some tips for parents facing school vacations of any length:”(more)