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Judith Stein: School Choice is Better Than No Choice

Education News – Judith Stein

“From vouchers to charters to virtual schools, parents have never had more options for educating their children, but many families are still unaware – or have the wrong ideas – about those alternatives.”(more)

Students of Online Schools Are Lagging

The New York Times – Jenny Anderson

“The number of students in virtual schools run by educational management organizations rose sharply last year, according to a new report being published Friday, and far fewer of them are proving proficient on standardized tests compared with their peers in other privately managed charter schools and in traditional public schools.”(more)

The Most Exciting Two Minutes in School Choice

The Foundry – Lindsey Burke

“This is the new normal: we are now taken aback by the states that haven’t implemented some sort of school choice option for families, whether its tuition tax credits, vouchers or online learning. And with every state vying to outpace the next in providing educational opportunities for children, it’s hard to keep up with the proliferation of opportunities.”(more)

Online Learning: The Pros And Cons Of K-12 Computer Courses

The Huffington Post – Staff Reporter

“Online learning is one of the fastest growing trends in educational uses of technology, according to a 2010 report by the U.S. Department of Education. But the rapid growth raises the question do students get as much out of online learning?”(more)